Life Comes Full Circle

When I was younger, I love my friends more than my family. How I hated to be constantly reminded, scolded of the things that I did and did not do. All sorts of phrases trying to teach me what life is and what life will be. I wanted to be with friends all the time because I wanted to belong there. If there was Facebook back then, my Profile Photos and Cover Photos would have been their faces.
Then I grew older and I found the comforts of home, the useless talks with my father, the annoying brothers. Being young they say is being stupid. I was stupid, I laugh at my stupidity remembering those days. At least I had an excuse, I didn’t have a mom :D. I salute the young ones who loves their families despite the chaos in the kitchen, the mother screaming, the father always scolding and the brothers watching TV all day! For parents trying to keep everything together and never-failing to let their children believe that there is love behind those suppression and oppression of rights. For some day, friends will have their own families. I have mine and I wanted my child to be closer to family than ever. It’s just the circle of life.579858_560275127337847_256252336_n


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