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[Daily Thoughts] Filling Feelings

From time to time, I keep wondering if it’s easier for others. Or if they struggle on the same stuff that bothers me and pains me. But then, would it make me feel better if they do? I am sure it wouldn’t make any difference. When at times I feel that others are more blessed than I am, which sometimes happens, I keep in mind that most of my despair come from inside my soul. So I have to figure out what caused it so I’ll specifically know how to deal with it. I sometimes wish life can hand me the winning answers to everything but it would defeat the purpose of living. We learn when things have impact in us. We make living worthwhile by not stopping when the roads are bumpy, when the seas are troubled, and when the winds are stormy.


I’ll just keep on going… ♥


(photo taken from Matt Gallizzi’s page 😀 with permission of course! 🙂)


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