[Daily Thoughts] Music and Life

Have you ever given everything?

Have you ever been asked for more?

In the daily realms of a mother and a wife, more sometimes mean inadequate

Exhaustion is nothing more than emotional outburst


It can be painful at times, when what I do lost its significance

Should I give up one to fully attend to the other?

But what about the bills? Am I not important too?

Is there a way to ask the stars for my dreams to turn to reality and not having to spend?


Should I leave the house upside down or let the baby play alone?

Should I home cook or thaw the frozen goods?

Is life no longer my own or have I given it up on its own?

The choices are mine yet not one can ever be an option


I have never cried for a career, yet I have shed every tear as a homemaker

Why aren’t we well compensated, why are our benefits ever be present?

Why am I asked to have not given enough when everything have been stripped all the way through?

Because I am a mother, a wife, a woman? Am I expected to take everything in and smile?


Songs, they have a way of letting a girl pour it out

The music, will always understand a soul

I listened to a song and I cried, I cannot understand why

It was the tune, not even the words. It’s the hymn and my melancholy


They danced, they embraced


(photo from the web)



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