How I Became a Work-at-Home Mom

Many have asked me how to land a home-based job. A few asked for referrals and links on where to apply. I have not really thought of writing about it but for a mother like me, an online job is a blessing. It is one of the many advantages of the modern technology that many people enjoy. Some executives are enjoying this perk, and many business owners get to work with the team remotely. In as much as not all business can take advantage of this, working home-based is not always perfect for home-buddies.

I can barely remember how I really started but the concept came from my husband who lost his job and was inspired to become a programmer. The idea was not at all sold out for me because I hate to stay at home. After giving birth though and breastfeeding it became physically difficult. That was when I decided to quit and looked for one.

I posted my profile on and That was when I first got an email invite. Working online is a risky endeavor, too; because not all employers are good payer and some will let you work for weeks or a month and disappear. If there are shady employers you will also find great employers and amazing ones at that!

A friend of mine works through It’s a site that serves as a middle person for contractors and clients. My husband did not like the idea of working with a 3rd party involved so I did not pursue it at that time. Odesk is safer than direct employment because you’d see reviews and you’ll know if the employer is legit or have paid contractors.

I worked as a writer at first. How I loved the idea of writing because it’s what I love doing. Like all fairy tales, it was far from real. Technical writing is not free hand blogging. Topics vary and rules need to be followed. I started not liking it when I have to write 3-5 articles a day with the same niche for weeks. I did not give up until one day my employer sold the website so I decided to work as an HR Practitioner(the reason was totally different). I still worked for the new owner of the website writing articles while having an offline job but I soon gave it up. I can’t handle motherhood, full time and a part time job.

I was at the peak of my career when I lost my job. The company shut down. It was sudden and unexpected, I did not know what to do next. Looking for another job was easy, landing one may take time and effort but I always believed that you’d find one if you’d go looking for it. For the first time in my life, I retreated in the province with my daughter in tow. Then, I decided to stay there. In order to survive, I looked for an online job and this time listened to my friend Mars. I applied through Odesk and luckily got the job. I get to take care of my daughter and provide for her. Isn’t that amazing? 🙂

There are various jobs over the internet, and like offline jobs the key thing to stay and sustain is to look for a job that interests you. Then decide on loving it! There will be challenges and good thing is that many people will help you battle it through. You’d find mentors from miles away, friends and online buddies. The internet is an ocean of many opportunities swarming with inspiring creatures. All you have to do is dive in, swim and enjoy the waters!



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Every one agrees that life is fleeting. And that life is change. It never stays the same. I am a believer of choice, of opportunities embraced and lost, I dictate what happens to me. This makes me hopeful, makes me dream, gives me courage and clears my realm. And I hope to share how change affects my life.

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