Stuff I Run Out Of When The Kids are Here

When my nephew and nieces are here, it’s total chaos. But they are the happy kind of chaos, they bring laughter and adventure. They bring love and inspiration. Their noise is music to my ears, and they make wonderful playmates/babysitter to Blyf. Yesterday, they came here without notice. Their dad is running an errand.

Later that afternoon, they went to the kitchen where I work and looked for some snacks which I realized I ran out of. Luckily, I have a box of Fita crackers. It was time to improvise. Pangga, one of my niece took out some Chocolate Syrup and bear-shaped sprinkles (used for my cupcakes). I decided to have a trip to the market later that day, and here are the things I thought of along the way. I made a list of the things I normally run out of and should have more just in case they come.

Things I Usually Run out of when the Kids are Here

1. Dutchmill- These are yogurt milk drink. They come in 4 different flavors. Blyf loves the blueberry. I always have these in stock for my daughter Blyf. When Pangga and Shobe are here, the next thing I know when I open the fridge are missing boxes of these.

2. Bond papers  They love to doodle and paint. I only have a few of these in my father’s office as they are only for printing quotations.

3. Baking ingredients- They love to eat cupcakes. When they find none in the fridge, they request for us to bake some.

4. Chocolate Drink- most of us here drink coffee so I don’t really refill constantly this jar. The kids, they’re not allowed to take in caffeine so the jar should never be empty.

5. Activities- these are kids, they love to play, tell stories and adventure. I can’t attend to all of them at once. I am trying to devise a plan so they watch less TV and engage in activities that help cultivate imagination and creativity. And so Blyf watches less TV as well.

“In the eyes of a child, there is joy, there is laughter”- old and fave song.

It’s wonderful to see the kids grow into gentle, caring and happy individuals. Few parents grow their fortunes more and spend less time with their kids and often they say it’s for the future of their children. Children needs us now, they would take care of the future, it’s their turf. This is one lesson I learned the hard way. My career advancement is futile with my kid growing up lonely and insecure. When I decided to become a parent, I decided to put my personal interest at the bottom of the list. It wasn’t my child’s decision to grow her in my belly so I owe her affection, a secure home and wisdom from someone who have seen the best and worst in life so she can go out and live her adventures with less fear, good conscience and acceptance. Acceptance that life is not black and white. So she maintains an open mind and a strong kind heart. 920278_10151564225289609_978454299_o


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