How To Explain What I do for a Living

Whenever a childhood friend or acquaintances asks me about my job, the one I do at home I always feel at a lost. This is because it is difficult to explain what I do in layman’s term-for people who have no idea what it is. When I say an online job with US Employers, they associate it with Call Centers. Not all but most.

I guess we all have our own turf. I just dont like it when these people ask you what you do so they can fetch theirs and brag about it. Or maybe, they want to reconnect and talk about family and marriage and that how they also want to brag about their kids and spouses.

So much for other people. Lemme go ahead and take care of my crap and try to be merry all the time. 😀

P. S. Happy 31st birthday to me. 🙂



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