Multitasking? Easy!

This is how to watch TV and play hide n seek at once! On your own.



Then, I heard Finn, “Celebrate with me for my unmarriage”. My almost 3 yr old was oblivious. Is this cartoon show for kids, for real?


2 thoughts on “Multitasking? Easy!

  1. Yes! And I am not sure if I like it! I’m confused myself. Then Jake said, “I thought you wanted to be a feet?” I was like, uhmm…And then I read again your comment, post-apocalyptic, Okay! Lol!

  2. though the character are cute, they’re post-apocalyptic dudes. Peter and Kirah enjoy this show because they think jake is a totally cool friend.
    haha. So now you have met Princess Bubblegum.
    We love Marceline and the bacon pancake song!
    have fun!

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