Interesting afternoon with my sister

She has a new phone, and like any little girl she got excited with all its capabilities. Getting addicted to Skype is now her norm, she is only interested with its calls and chats and texts. I told her today that I am going to add a new service, a pocket wi-fi for her house here since I cannot transfer my line. She answered with, let’s Skype.

So she toured me around Singapore when we had the opportunity and here are some interesting sites.


View from the Train
Houses in Singapore
My Skype addict sister
Train Station
Train Station, for a small country-Singapore has loads of it.
Train Route
Escape Plan
Baby Not Yet
MTRCB will ban this here. Controversial theme.




































I certainly had a good laugh as the day is closing in here. Thank you  sister! 🙂

Good morning to some parts of the world! 🙂




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