My weekender

Ever wonder at how confusing things can be? When you’re sitting there looking at everyone and asks yourself why you can’t see the green trees and the blue sky. Is this the black and white scene they all talked about?

It’s why I asked if choosing obligation is the right thing or just the moral thing? So, we wanted to live the life the society dictates to be right. Isn’t that what morality is about? What the society thinks is right?

There are days when I want to be more than just a mother. Sure, my daughter is so adorable! Sure, I love my husband. I should also be able to say, I love myself?

Sentimental and ugly. I feel so not-glamorous.

Anyway, the City makes me feel like this. Good thing we’re going home tomorrow.

————————————————– 🙂 🙂 🙂 ———————————————————————–

These below are totally unrelated but these are what happened this week, so totally boring- except my daughter who is so cute! 🙂

Nailed It!
Quality service comes with a hefty price
Wondernails @ 6th Floor Metro Ayala
Birthday gift from Grampa. She’s too young for that, though. She needs books. 😀

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