Milk and Dairy Products causes Autism?

I have at least 4 acquaintances who has/fear their child to have autism. This does not include those who did not have the time to share them to me. Why’s that? I often wonder if it’s becoming prevalent because it’s now widely diagnosed? or it being widely spread bringing awareness.

Today, I stumbled upon this article linking Autism and Milk/Dairy Products. This is quite alarming. This is still being debated and different studies are trying to prove each side right or wrong for that matter. According to this article and other articles I’ve read, milk and dairy products causes many gastrointestinal problems, too.  It is also being linked to cancer and other serious diseases.

Sometimes what we doesn’t know simplifies things but what we also know can save us from impending pain. My daughter’s GDD may or may not lead to Autism. I have to battle my own fears and doubts so I can help my daughter battle through developmental delays. Mother needs help too, you know!

Does this mean we must stay away from youuuu??!!
Does this mean we must stay away from youuuu??!!

(photo from the Internet)


3 thoughts on “Milk and Dairy Products causes Autism?

    1. You are welcome! 🙂

      Collectively, prayers become louder and may be heard clearer. Thanks for that! 🙂

      I am also checking/researching on my daughter’s milk. She’s been on Promil since she was a baby.

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