I am virtually sick, because cyber overdose can kill

I think there is a wiring in my brain somewhere that changes things every now and then or maybe I have an un-diagnosed case of depression or anxiety because I lack the capacity to stay calm.

I am living a pretentious life.

So, what would I want to do now? I want to get out and eat some McDonald’s fries or late night pizza or just breathe some dusty-carbon monoxide filled city air. I don’t know. I want to get out of here and my husband refuses because some big SUV is blocking the car (because the garage is way too small for all 3 vehicles and yet they need to fit, somehow). I would prefer sardines in a can scenario, at least sardines makes me happy. Who likes sardines?

Can’t we walk? Do we really need the car? (reasons)

It's easier said than done.
(photo grabbed from the web- found after typing “inspire me”)
It’s easier said than done.

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