#tbt childhood extravaganza- my brother broke my face

I am writing this story on a moving boat boarding again to Cebu. There’s an event that I have to help prep and attend. The past days has been crazy, new therapists, internet connection downtime, budget went haywire as I have to take over grocery and food buying again because they bought too many dried fish and I do not feed my daughter too much of salty food. Ugh, the joys of living with relatives (I’m mocking myself for my inability to get out of the situation).

This morning, I looked at the living room of the house intensely. I am thinking again of rearranging our furniture as soon as I get back. I sat down at the couch then my gaze moved to the wall photos. I looked at our graduation photos and said loudly, my siblings are all ugly. I was only referring to my brother (huh!). I wanted to provoke a reaction, that person (my brother) hasn’t contacted any of us far too long that I could only remember the shape of his nose. I miss my brother, especially when I work at his turf-the kitchen. My brother and sister are really good cook! My taste buds malfunctioned because all they cooked were incomparable dishes. True! Ask them, they’re still alive! 😉 my siblings are going to kill me for writing crap about them.

Anyway, since I miss my brother who doesn’t miss me, which by the way, I’m telling mom so she will come and visit him (my brother’s really going to kill me, in which case I will have my ghost visit him so he probably won’t); I am dedicating this throwback thursday for him and how he almost broke my face.

When I was little, I was the brat. Being the youngest has its perk somehow. My grandparents adored me so much that my siblings- particularly my brother, hates me when I start to demand that I’d be in every game they play, eat every food they eat and play all the toys they have. They call me all sorts of names just to get back at me because I took everything from them. But I tell you, they love me. My sister did. My sister always gives way, that’s why my brother loathe me. Haha!

Here’s what happened. We lived in a place where people manufacture people. Those little babies that they so much adore and then they start letting loose at 1-year-old and give birth to a new one. Having no consideration of the needs and what not. Anyway, that place. My brother then 8 or 9 years old was playing with other kids along the street. When I asked that I wanted to join; I was 5 or 6 years old I can’t remember, he refused. He said I was too small to join. Being the brat I cried. Okay, let me describe what they were playing. It’s when someone is the “it” and that child will curve his body to the front and everybody else jumps over avoiding touching the person’s back. As the game progresses the “it” will rise so the others have to jump higher and higher. Our grandmother scolded my brother for refusing. I was so happy when they let me join. It just so happened that my brother was the “it”. When it was my turn to jump, he suddenly moved downward and I got caught by surprise.  I ended up smashing my face to the ground.

(photo from the web) Feeling lucky to have found this photo. This is more likely how the game was played.
(photo from the web) Feeling lucky to have found this photo. This is more likely how the game was played.
My sister and brother, We've been through a lot.
My sister and brother, We’ve been through a lot.

There was blood all over, I think I lost a tooth or two. It was the scariest day of his life. I think it was also the day before my birthday so he was not allowed to celebrate my birthday with us. Poor him.

This is how I miss my brother. If you happen to see him, please return to the owner. Thank you! 🙂


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