Yes, knowing the truth is liberating and not all families love like you do

It felt kind of off and painful when family members betray you. I hate it when fairy tales speak exactly of truth. The wicked stepmother and your father who chooses to be blind and deaf for who knows what. It’s not really cute because, of course, I am not a princess although the adversary is close to a witch, but anyway…

Finding out that a family member has been talking non-sense behind your back is depressing. But, on the other note, it makes you realize that these ties does not really bind people together. Yes, we are more loyal, more hopeful, more forgiving, and more giving to family. Family is always more and because of that the disappointment, the pain is more.

I hoped for a stronger and candid bond. The one that strips off pretensions and lies.  I got disappointed big time but I also feel thankful that my conclusion of humanity is close to the truth. Family does not always define who you are, you define yourself. Somehow we tend to identify ourselves with these people related to us. These phrases are useless: “You look just like your grandmother!”, “You have the same personality as your father or your sibling”. No one can ever be like us. They are their own identity and each lead their own lives.

Oh yes, I am not going to sugarcoat what just happened between me and my stepmother. She never liked me from the start. I hoped that we’d be just fine but she has no heart for me and maybe for the rest of my siblings. It is liberating to find out what she is capable of. We can then know how to deal with it. It is great to know where we stand at each other’s lives. I hope she finds peace like I did when my family and I moved here. I hope she finds happiness with my father and her kids. She can’t if she focuses on other people’s lives. I pity her. I pity her kids. I feel sorry for my father.

If you can’t be honest with your family then don’t pretend like you are.


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Every one agrees that life is fleeting. And that life is change. It never stays the same. I am a believer of choice, of opportunities embraced and lost, I dictate what happens to me. This makes me hopeful, makes me dream, gives me courage and clears my realm. And I hope to share how change affects my life.

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