Battling Mouth Sores

it’s very difficult for a parent to nurse a sick child. It breaks our heart and makes us swear never to go drunk for a year, which in my case have been 3 years.  Mothers always appear to be in control on tough times but deep inside, it freaks the hell out of us when a child’s temperature is above normal, coughs, colds and what not. Probably the most difficult to deal with so far are mouth sores, they are painful, annoying and they make a child cranky to the ends of the earth. My daughter is not usually too cranky when having fever or cough or colds but mouth sores makes her just want to cuddle all day. She refuses to eat and cries a lot. It is difficult because we know how it feels, even adults hate to deal with mouth sores.

I bought some medicines but I still Googled some instant remedy so Blyf will eat her food and drink her milk. I found few great articles telling me about changing diet. Also,  it talks about aloe vera and baking soda as good home remedies. They seem to sound great to use except that I have no baking soda and aloe vera at home. Also, changing diet seems ambiguous at this point. Then I came to this article “10 Home Remedies for Canker Sores” and number 7 says, “Apply Ice”. Wow, I happen to have loads of it. I took a glass and loads of ice, put some water and let Blyf drink the coldest water of all. She liked it. She ate her food, although I am not sure if it was because of the ice or the fact that she was just too hungry and ignored the pain. Either way, our dinner went smooth and painless.

There are times when we wish our kids to not go through pain or sickness or difficulty. Pain and difficulty is a must in life. Sickness. maybe, but what can we do really? I can only be there and hold her hand and let her not go through it alone. She misses daddy who’s been a way for a week now. Come home already, dad! 🙂


That smile.
That smile.




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