Events/ Party Organizing 101

I have done emcee-ing events in the past, though not professionally. Usually I grab the microphone and lead the party for friends on impromptu events when hiring someone was not in the mind, really. Ha! I have always believed that I am not good with crowds. My facial feature is not that appealing, kids usually fear my voice. I have a high-pitched tone. Hosting, organizing and emcee-ing events gives me that fulfilled feeling but I always feel inadequate, insecure to even consider doing it professionally.

Artistry is very important in any chosen venture, and with organizing events, ones imagination is his or her ride and or his or her limit. Getting people to like one’s work is out of the question. Getting me to like and love my work is the priority, and this is where my own insecurity comes in. How do I battle that? I have no idea. If I can search that online and read about it, will it go away? I don’t think so. So, here’s the deal with me. Fight or forget about it.

I am now more determined than ever to learn this art. I still lack experience and the insider information.  It’s not that I have to be a master of this right away. It sure will take time and loads of effort. I was browsing through online and found this article on Slideshare: Event Planning for Dummies to be funny, straightforward, a bit disheartening and challenging.

Knowledge on Everything will make one a good Events Organizer.
Knowledge on Everything will make one a good Events Organizer.

The possibilities are endless with this business, and with any venture we choose, happiness is always the key to keep ourselves inspired. Someone told me that you don’t get inspired by doing things that doesn’t make you happy. I found many articles and pointers online, but what is reading those if I don’t put them into practice.

So today, I welcome tips, stories, photos and just about anything about events they helped organize, organized themselves or direct me to someone who have. 🙂 Any help is very much appreciated.


Some I found:

1. Small Busines Idea-Party Planning

2. Event Planning 101

3. Small Business Event Planning



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