Canned Mushroom Soup

My cousin is in charge of cooking while the rest of us press keyboards for a living. This morning she took a canned mushroom soup and brought them to a boil. She then asked me to taste-test it, which I noticed an after-taste after tasting it.

She asked, “how does it taste?”. If it was her own cooking, I would’ve said it tasted fine or horrible depending on how I wanted her to react. Sometimes, I just love teasing her. The canned soup did not taste good so I told her to put a little bit of salt. She came back with another spoon and then asked me to taste it again. I was surprised at how the taste changed suddenly. I can remember the richness and the creamy taste. I asked what she added aside from salt and she answered with, “a bit of butter”.

The unpleasant after-taste of the canned soup disappeared and it became our favorite at lunch, and we are amazed at how a simple ingredient or addition changed it.

I love Mushroom Soup! <3
I love Mushroom Soup! ❤

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