The 3 Little Pigs: Home kiddie fave story

Since we moved to my sister’s place, we’ve made quite a few fun memorable moments including baking and bedtime stories. My nieces and nephew would always request for stories to be told in funny sounds and interactive mode. I oblige as often as I can because this few minutes lets me relive the childhood that is always magical, wonderful and beautiful.

Last night, we indulged to the story of The 3 Little Pigs. As I read through the pages, I realized how these stories are made of so many faulty events. I think this is why most grow-ups dismiss these stories. As we grow, we look for sense and logic in everything. So I say, it’s not bad to be children every now and then, where everything seems to be possible.

I also heard my daughter, Blyf, react to the story by babbling and making so much noise as we go along. I think she’s trying to keep up since my nieces and nephew were asking questions and clarifications of what a “churn, furious, and roundabout” means.

As a whole, we had fun.

I wonder what other great stories I can read?

Source -YouTube
Source -YouTube


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