What do we get out of kindness?

It is not easy to be kind in this generation where selfishness is loud yet formed in a quick attempt of subtlety. Yet accordingly, we are more humane now than our ancestors decades back. Kindness is our nature as we see kids often are more forgiving and generous compared to us adults. We become unkind as we move along the harsh realities of life. We gain distrust with every pain and fear with every failure. But what do we get out of kindness?

When a stranger gives us a friendly look, a smile or perhaps offers a seat in a commuter vehicle, I don’t know with you but I feel as if an angel just descended upon that person. It is a lovely feeling, it gives me brighter hope for the world. Kindness is love in action.

When I decline someone asking for help, I feel as if I denied love to take over me. I was not even unkind, I just did not have the courage to lend a hand. I am not sure if I should be guilty but I feel a pang of it for a little while. Then I move on, what’s done is done.

Kindness, such a simple and profound word. I once read that kindness saves lives.

Helping Others
Helping others is helping myself. ❤

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