Women and Tech- How tools and apps make my life bearable

I wrote this section as I discovered my fascination on how technology empowers women at work and home. The PC I use runs on Linux and we use Project Management Tool to monitor our family’s long list of to-dos.. I have considered myself to be a late adopter but only because trends make me irritable- the relationship of demand and price to hype up the market. Anyway, technology is not limited only to gadgets although gadgets/gaming tools are what’s popular, technology is everywhere. At workplace, I feel a tingling feeling when we are introduced with new apps and tools. It can be daunting learning new things but also exhilarating when I figure how it works, specially excited when I can share those learnings.

Recent event brought me into thinking that while I feel very happy and privileged to have an IT-Guy for a husband, I am happy to report that my husband also finds me a techie-wife. That is something I have developed over the years not relying on the mercy of IT Guys every time something’s gone wrong with my computer. I jailed break my old iPhone and was successful at that. I have always loved fixing things and developed the skill of figuring things out early on because I needed to. Essentially, finding solutions is a very good survival skill.

So, the story of my relationship with tech was highlighted in my heart when I decided to buy this device to extend the WIFI range in our house. My husband was perplexed at first because he just recently set me up with a LAN connection in our room. But with all the gadgets for our children’s online classes and my mobility at work (in case I need to work in the closet for maximum noise cancellation), we needed the WIFI signal to work anywhere.

When the gadget arrived, I set it up on my own and successfully made it work. It was an easy setup as what the box said. I wonder if it’s same for everyone. I believe that when we decide to embrace tech and tools, we can always figure it out. Who knows one day, I’d start writing reviews of tools that help me do a better job as a mom and as a woman, overall. I did not have to call on for my IT-Guy and he can go about his day. It gives me joy knowing that I have an on-call help but not today! ❤

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Every one agrees that life is fleeting. And that life is change. It never stays the same. I am a believer of choice, of opportunities embraced and lost, I dictate what happens to me. This makes me hopeful, makes me dream, gives me courage and clears my realm. And I hope to share how change affects my life.

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