Disaster Waiting to Happen

Have you ever looked at something and never thought of the possibilities that something bad would happen to it? Like a glass at the edge of the table or parking your car too close to a rowdy crowd? Perhaps a tiny nail at the corner of the eye? Not a sliver of thought, the possibilityContinue reading “Disaster Waiting to Happen”

Women and Tech- How tools and apps make my life bearable

I wrote this section as I discovered my fascination on how technology empowers women at work and home. The PC I use runs on Linux and we use Project Management Tool to monitor our family’s long list of to-dos.. I have considered myself to be a late adopter but only because trends make me irritable-Continue reading “Women and Tech- How tools and apps make my life bearable”

The Game of Catching Up

Moms, we are in constant push and pull when it comes to appointments and commitments. Playing catch up is a normal theme among us. Today, I write this waiting for the daughter to be done with her therapy. She does this on weekends. That is occupational therapy and speech therapy. The past days I’ve beenContinue reading “The Game of Catching Up”

New Year and the resolution to participate more in my life

I am writing this the day before 2021 officially starts its working day. I feel a bit agitated here because I have not done what I was supposed to do. My research paper’s long overdue and I couldn’t even get past few chapters on the results. My mind has not been on my side andContinue reading “New Year and the resolution to participate more in my life”

Self-awareness: The path to uncovering oneself

In the era of self-help and the endless search for self-actualization, self-awareness might be the most common sound bite. But its popularity also stops there because in actuality- self-awareness is a difficult path and a continuous journey. That is in so far what I learned in the three decades, almost 4 in this life. TheContinue reading “Self-awareness: The path to uncovering oneself”

Seafood sunday and more

We watched an epic fail pageant production last night which happens to be an hour drive from our place. But I will tell you the whole story plus photos on a different post because I am in the kind mood today due to our Sunday Vacation mode. Although we went home rather very late allContinue reading “Seafood sunday and more”

And she is getting married, maybe.

Just last night I had a talk with a friend about bizarre and intriguing topic, marriage. It is bizarre because it started with a phrase that no married woman wants to say, “I feel that this marriage is…”, and intriguing because I did not finish the phrase. My friend would despise me for leaving theContinue reading “And she is getting married, maybe.”

That party where I wasn’t invited

My 3rd degree cousin’s first-born celebrated his 1st birthday few days ago! 🙂 Here’s the story. I wasn’t invited because they only prepared a little for very select few. They are not the poorest but they can barely make it to invite 5 more people. Filipino culture it is in the province that neighbors getContinue reading “That party where I wasn’t invited”

What you give is what you receive

I gave up few of my old dresses, blouses, shoes and bags and I got back bagfuls from a friend. I did not expect any, they were delivered at my doorstep. I am very thankful for having another sister (though not by blood but by heart), who eats positivity for breakfast, lunch and dinner. SheContinue reading “What you give is what you receive”

Why Today is Special

My birthday is just a normal day for the rest of the billion people on earth. It is a regular day for me too, except that I have greetings to attend to. Just last year I decided to like and reply every single person’s greeting on my wall. Midnight stroke of June 6, 2013, IContinue reading “Why Today is Special”

Miracles of Life- Birth and Death

Today also happens to be my Father’s father’s death anniversary. Lolo Felipe. I have not met him (and I am not wishing to meet him today, hah!) but I heard he was a sturdy, little man. I was born on the month and day he died. Contrasting events, and it only proves that our ancestorsContinue reading “Miracles of Life- Birth and Death”

Happy 31st

Probably the highlight of my birthday last year was a poem from a wonderful friend. This year, I might also receive something spectacular like a Projector, maybe?! Lol! Now, let me tell you the story of the projector. We are movie fans, we love watching any kind of flick, except that hubby hates horror films.Continue reading “Happy 31st”

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