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Living with kids and more

We were out yesterday to accompany a friend going to Hinagdanan Cave, a famous tourist spot in the heart of Panglao Island, Bohol. We accompanied a friend and her visitors from Mindoro. Though it was a long drive, it was all worth it. Also, the last time I was there was like five or six years ago.

I took some photos from the internet just so I can show you what the place looked like, that’s because hubby is still editing our photos and because this post is supposed to be an entirely different topic. 🙂 If ever you come to visit the Philippines and Bohol, this wonderful cave should be one great stop! 🙂

photo from the web, credit to the owner
photo from the web, credit to the owner. Awesome, right?
photo from the web, credit to the owner.
photo from the web, credit to the owner.

I tasted yet another Red Velvet cupcake from a coffee shop. I have been doing the taste test with all the Coffee, Sweet Deli, and Bakeshops that sells Red Velvet cakes/cupcakes; every time I come across or visit one. It surprises me all the time how others alter the taste, Red Velvet is not complete without a Cream cheese frosting! Anyway, the box was nice so that kind of simmer down the teeny weeny disappointment. 🙂

Looks good.
Looks good.

We came home yesterday a bit late because we decided to have dinner at Tagbilaran City before driving an hour back home. I climbed to my station this morning and found iron on my table. I just love how kids make everything so interesting and funny and real! 🙂

Amazing how kids remind you of the chores pretty often. :)
Amazing how kids remind you of the chores pretty often. 🙂

Pretty awesome day, travel has worn me out lately; though.

Good morning beautiful Mommies and Daddies and everyone! ❤

Everyday is a lesson learned, Food for the Body

For the love of coffee

I have been pinning round and round today, and saw these wonderful coffee memes all over. Coffee is like the first love, sultry, tempting and dreamy. And even if I was born to forcefully love instant cups, still nothing compares to the freshly-brewed ones.

Enjoy a cup or two today!



The benefits of coffee! <3
The benefits of coffee! ❤
These painted on my wall. I would surely be awake all day. <3
These on my wall. I would surely be awake all day. ❤
Everyday is a lesson learned, Food for the Body

Canned Mushroom Soup

My cousin is in charge of cooking while the rest of us press keyboards for a living. This morning she took a canned mushroom soup and brought them to a boil. She then asked me to taste-test it, which I noticed an after-taste after tasting it.

She asked, “how does it taste?”. If it was her own cooking, I would’ve said it tasted fine or horrible depending on how I wanted her to react. Sometimes, I just love teasing her. The canned soup did not taste good so I told her to put a little bit of salt. She came back with another spoon and then asked me to taste it again. I was surprised at how the taste changed suddenly. I can remember the richness and the creamy taste. I asked what she added aside from salt and she answered with, “a bit of butter”.

The unpleasant after-taste of the canned soup disappeared and it became our favorite at lunch, and we are amazed at how a simple ingredient or addition changed it.

I love Mushroom Soup! <3
I love Mushroom Soup! ❤
Food for the Body, Simple Joys

I threw up the most delicious and maybe the most expensive pasta I’ve eaten

We were invited last night by wonderful couple Bobby and Beryl for dinner, they just got married and we were happy to be part of their most intimate wedding.

She, too, was not feeling well. After wedding effect.
She, too, was not feeling well. After wedding effect.

Although, I’ve already felt throbbing pain in the afternoon I still did not want to cancel the invitation because we will be leaving and going back to Bohol the next day. Together with my daughter and husband we went to this unique hotel, The Henry. I like how the hotel is decorated. Anyway, after a few chitchat we headed to this Pizza & Pasta Restaurant called Michelangelo. It was my family’s first time to dine there. We are not very adventurous when it comes to food. We eat what we know. Boring! Oh yeah, I bake but I do not cook very much. I don’t think that when you like making cupcakes you have to like everything about food or maybe we just avoid going to expensive places (there, that is likely the case). It doesn’t always follow.

They ordered seafood pasta and pizza. We let them order as we are not familiar with the menu, I can’t even pronounce most of them except Pizza, Pasta and the names of the cheeses. My husband ordered his all-time fave, Lasagne. Blyf had mushroom soup and rice and she ate like a dinosaur.

I fed Blyf ahead of us and she liked their Mushroom soup
I fed Blyf ahead of us and she liked their Mushroom soup
She drank too much water because it was icy cold.
She drank too much water because it was icy cold.

I noticed the throbbing pain worsen as the night progressed but I was enjoying the food too much and I tried to forget. Bobby ordered Mango ice cream for Blyf later on and Pistachio Ice cream for us. I can’t find the words to describe the taste of the ice cream. What I can say is that the taste made me feel better.

Blyf sat there waiting for her food. She looked amazing and a bit older. <3
Blyf sat there waiting for her food. She looked amazing and a bit older. ❤

But I think I pushed my stomach to its limit with my food intake, because after we consumed everything on our plate, I felt dizzy to the point of wanting to throw up. We went back to the hotel, it’s just a couple of meters away. Beryl gave me some Aleve for the headache; and then headed back home. We were only out for 3 hours including the drive.

My headache worsens on our drive home, I think I had my husband worry because he drove too fast. I have not vomited in years, not even during my pregnancy with Blyf. In retrospect, I vomited when I got too drunk during a party, that was years ago on my college days. And that made me swear never to drink beer again, ever. But I sure hell knows when I am about to throw up. Luckily, I found a bag inside the car compartment. I was more worried with the expensive food than me feeling really sick. I threw up everything; my husband told me to save them for later. 😀

I ended the night sleeping early rather than working. But still feel full even though I threw up everything I ate.

Thank you for the delicious dinner.  Congrats to both of you and a happy life ahead. ❤

Because love.
Because love.

Homo faber fortunae suae || Man, shaper of his fate.”

Food for the Body

The Good Old Potato Salad

Our local culture are not potato salad fanatic. Not for anything else, this is only because of a struggling economy. Because we can’t be picky in terms of food, we eat what is being served to us. Our definition of food hasn’t gone beyond taste and so our imagination is only limited to what we have been eating over and over again. But hey, I am here to only tell you of my experience with this Potato Salad. We are used to salads as only desserts, sweet and uber sweet. 🙂 When I first tasted this delectable treat, I fell in love with it. Only that it was ordered by my former boss in an exclusive Casino Español restaurant. Pretty delicious at a hefty price and to add, one cannot order if one is not a member or know someone who is a member. Darn, not very accessible to commoners like me after all! 😀

My love of cooking and baking started when I became a mom, since birth and from the time I turned 28 I only go to the kitchen to eat. Well, from birth to 3 years old I am not sure where or how my mom fed me. Haha!  I can’t remember when I started subscribing to newsletter but I did because I loved their simple home recipes. One day, I opened my mail and I saw a picture of the potato salad. Not exactly like that first one I tasted but I know in my taste bud they resembled. With all my might, I went to the market and bought the 5 simple ingredients and prepared it. I wasn’t even thinking if my family would eat it, I just wanted to prepare it. Right after mixing the onions, I had my husband taste them. I crossed my fingers because my brother who had a glimpse at it said it doesn’t look good. Then my husband said it was delicious and that it’s the only confirmation that matters to me.

The Good Old Potato Salad was a hit with me, my father, stepmom and hubby. The kids don’t like it because they want the sweet salad that they were used to. It made me happy that I now have a new salad recipe. It’s simple, delicious and light.