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To Perm or Not to Perm while Pregnant

I’ve heard from most mothers that perming your hair while conceiving a precious child is bad, and that chemicals may harm the unborn baby. I have always believed that, after all, chemicals has good and bad effects. I am a natural straight haired gal with brown locks. I’ve cut my hair several times but have not been fascinated with curls. My hatred with curly hair sprang when I was younger. My grandmother had my hair permed, the looks of a telephone wire and I hated it. Of course, I could not tell my grandmother- I did not want to hurt her feelings. That was the only memory I had and it was a bad one so I decided never to do it again. I’ve had couple of experiments with my locks, I colored it black because I got tired of brown. I cut it unevenly and then I cursed myself on the mirror.

Just until I became an HR Practitioner did I get tired of combing my long hair. I was not into short hair too because I looked like a giraffe, my neck just doesn’t compliment it. So, one day I decided to perm my hair for the reason that I would not have to comb it. A reason my husband disagreed. For him, laziness is just not a fit reason to begin with. But, a stubborn woman like me went ahead with it. I consider me a low maintenance, it only takes me 5-10 minutes to take a shower and another 10-15 mins. to get dressed. I don’t wear make up and seldom powder my face. I only scrub my face 3 or 4 times a week and then wash it with carrot soap, put a moisturizer and I am off to go. But the truth is I am just lazy, especially that every time I look at myself in the mirror I find no perfect reason to put too much effort trying to prettify what is already beautiful in God’s eyes.

Anyway, my first time perming the hair was a success. I mean, not having to comb my hair and then just let it be all through the day, I felt I can tackle other important stuff like the 30 minutes conversation my husband asks of me to give him everyday. This was almost 2 years ago and I wanted to perm it again now that I find myself practicing the profession I left for almost 2 years. I asked the lady at the salon near our place and they refused to do it, saying it’s bad for pregnant women. Out of frustration, I looked it up on the internet and I was surprised at what I found out. I was browsing through babycenter.com, asking the question “Is it safe to get a perm while pregnant?“, and the answers were amazing. Although there are no known adverse effects of getting a perm during pregnancy, the results may not be the one the lady would expect because the hormones during pregnancy changes the texture of the hair. It may eventually be an issue of a money well spent.

So, I’ll just have to wait few more months and I’ll have my not-having-to-comb-my-hair moments.

Pregnancy, ain’t it grand? 🙂

Pretty Pregnant Woman
Pretty Pregnant Woman
Health is Wealth..I know!, The Story of our BLYF

Battling Mouth Sores

it’s very difficult for a parent to nurse a sick child. It breaks our heart and makes us swear never to go drunk for a year, which in my case have been 3 years.  Mothers always appear to be in control on tough times but deep inside, it freaks the hell out of us when a child’s temperature is above normal, coughs, colds and what not. Probably the most difficult to deal with so far are mouth sores, they are painful, annoying and they make a child cranky to the ends of the earth. My daughter is not usually too cranky when having fever or cough or colds but mouth sores makes her just want to cuddle all day. She refuses to eat and cries a lot. It is difficult because we know how it feels, even adults hate to deal with mouth sores.

I bought some medicines but I still Googled some instant remedy so Blyf will eat her food and drink her milk. I found few great articles telling me about changing diet. Also,  it talks about aloe vera and baking soda as good home remedies. They seem to sound great to use except that I have no baking soda and aloe vera at home. Also, changing diet seems ambiguous at this point. Then I came to this article “10 Home Remedies for Canker Sores” and number 7 says, “Apply Ice”. Wow, I happen to have loads of it. I took a glass and loads of ice, put some water and let Blyf drink the coldest water of all. She liked it. She ate her food, although I am not sure if it was because of the ice or the fact that she was just too hungry and ignored the pain. Either way, our dinner went smooth and painless.

There are times when we wish our kids to not go through pain or sickness or difficulty. Pain and difficulty is a must in life. Sickness. maybe, but what can we do really? I can only be there and hold her hand and let her not go through it alone. She misses daddy who’s been a way for a week now. Come home already, dad! 🙂


That smile.
That smile.


Health is Wealth..I know!

It’s been ages since I had a full make-up on

I have been struggling with my weight and one day I will have to deal with it.
I have been struggling with my weight and one day I will have to deal with it.

Attending an event and hosting it are two different scenes and they caused me the same self-esteem issues. Of my weight gain and my inability to lose them.


It was because I have too much to do to even worry about my looks
It was because I have too much to do to even worry about my looks

Every woman must feel beautiful and most of the time it is a decision that we have to make. If I had a husband who doesn’t make me feel beautiful I wouldn’t even say yes to hosting an event.

Then and I don't know if then is still achievable. Haha! I have to laugh or I'll cry ;(
Then and I don’t know if then is still achievable. Haha! I have to laugh or I’ll cry ;(

How to successfully lose weight?

Health is Wealth..I know!

Rice Stones & Stories

Our daily food comes with rice. It’s mainly for Asians but I heard some parts of the world eats rice, too. These are bland, soft, tiny grains that are usually white. I say usually because it has other colors, too! Two weeks ago I saw, though I did not dare taste it, what they call black rice. I should have tasted it so I can describe the taste here, but yes, it was black! I was a bit scared that it might stain my teeth and I still need to be somewhere else that day. This introduction has become too long.

The process of rice production is long and tedious. This is why farmers have a difficult job day in and day out. Unlike in the City, our rice here is not bought in the Supermarkets. We plow the fields (not me, but my father), we plant and we harvest them. The job is not done yet after harvesting. Before you can cook them, they have to be sun-dried and milled.

Now, our rice here is sun-dried along the road or I mean at the side of the road where all kinds of vehicles pass. It’s along the highway. Sometimes rocks, dusts and other irrelevant materials get thrown in. When they finally get in the rice mill, rocks get included and sometimes in the pots to your stomach. If you get lucky, you get to bite it and throw it away, you would chip your precious tooth first though.

So there, our helper does the removing of the rocks before she boils them hot.

Our food is no fancy at all. 🙂

These are the tiny rocks that we sometimes eat! And then we can shout… “DARNA!!!” (Darna is a local superhero, just like Wonder Woman)
My hand is freakishly ugly! Not fancy at all! 🙂

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Health is Wealth..I know!

Life goes on…

I had no idea how to start my day. We just got the horrible news last night and we haven’t recovered yet from shock, especially my husband. When you are confronted with life’s reality, you have no choice but face it. My husband has a strange relationship with his dad but he loves him nonetheless. Having known that his dad has cancer, he didn’t know what to feel. He just hugged me and stayed silent all night and I respected that. We don’t talk about it yet (about the disease and about how he is taking it) but we have weighed our options. I understand that his dad needs him most importantly with finances. We have discussed initial plans on how we can cut down on so many of our financial obligations and that includes me and my daughter moving to my sister’s in the meantime so we don’t have to pay for the electricity and food (it means that I would be my sister’s parasitic little sister for now). It wouldn’t be easy, but it’s not that bad as it seems. I told my sister last night that she should not worry as I promised to be on a diet but for Blyf (my daughter); well I can’t really stop a child from eating loads, can I? We both laughed. We can definitely make do of what we have and move from then on. Life goes on, as my husband muttered last night. It does and I know it takes a lot of hopes inside for him to be able to say that.

The whole ordeal is not going to be easy. My husband will see and feel the intensity of the situation once he goes home to his mom and dad. I know my husband can stand in difficult situations but this is yet to test his strength of character. Loss of a loved one is never easy. Yes, we all die but death to many is believed to be the end of everything. All that we worked hard for, all that we wept, the regrets, the anger, the triumphs and defeats are all that’s left. And how much we’ve loved and how often we’ve forgiven makes more sense. When facing death everything is about things intangible. We start looking back and asking ourselves if we’ve really lived our lives. We start looking at our nice house and imagine it being sold or left rotten to the ground. I am talking about this as if I have faced death, or have  I? I am not sure.

My hope is not for life to spare us too much of a trouble. My hopes and prayers is that we go through this together- just together. I can only be my husband’s little supporter. I can only hold his hands and give him a hug. I can’t really take away his pain, his confusion, and his burden. He has my love. He will always have my love.

Blyf with Grampa and Gran2x