old house – vecchia casa – bătrâna casă

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trilingual post just five minutesI went to buy somethingoutside the people were without roads, they seeped such as the stains,or the thaw …In the shop, on the shelves were only sellersand greasy windows with ads of advertisingso disappointed I returning home, the small window on the my inbox reflected…

Life’s question I never thought of until today

My husband and daughter found a snail, a live one, outside the house this morning. He called my nieces and nephew so they can watch the snail crawl gracefully. When the snail realized he’s being watched (technically correct because most snails are hermaphrodites), he succumb to his shell and refused to move. The kids (nowContinue reading “Life’s question I never thought of until today”

Entry 1-Deep Sleep

Late at night or early dawn? At almost 3AM, I can no longer tell if I am in the middle of my sleep, sleep walking or just trying to sleep. A thought came to me. One that is disturbing and surreal. I know I have felt this before and I am feeling it now.  That stupidContinue reading “Entry 1-Deep Sleep”

Yes, knowing the truth is liberating and not all families love like you do

It felt kind of off and painful when family members betray you. I hate it when fairy tales speak exactly of truth. The wicked stepmother and your father who chooses to be blind and deaf for who knows what. It’s not really cute because, of course, I am not a princess although the adversary isContinue reading “Yes, knowing the truth is liberating and not all families love like you do”

Inputs needed

My own country is corrupt beyond borders, but there is still hope. I look forward to that day. So, a daughter of my friend is getting input on projects or activities that will promote camaraderie and over-all well-being of youngsters in our locality. They thought of organizing more Sports events. As my conversation with aContinue reading “Inputs needed”

Why infidelity is a thing now?

I often hear married couple say, a man is a man and will always be a man. Referring to husbands who “eventually cheats” and it’s normal. When did cheating become normal? In the wild, animals jump from one partner to the next. It’s animal instinct. But why do we consider ourselves human if we wantContinue reading “Why infidelity is a thing now?”

Those moments with friends

Friends are family, though not DNA related, is special that way. This is why choosing the right people to be friends with and forever love is essential. Unlike family, having the right friend is an option. Keeping them also takes a lot of effort. For the relationship to grow, all parties need to devote time,Continue reading “Those moments with friends”

And we all need inspiration

An afternoon of surfing through the web, I stumbled upon this video. I usually pick videos to watch. I admit that I did not know there are also TEDx talks happening in the country; my apologies for being ignorant, so I got curious with the video title. Just few months back I was kind ofContinue reading “And we all need inspiration”

Shake It Up

My sister came home from Singapore today. I am more worried than happy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like “I don’t want to see her” reason. It’s just that my work life is in total chaos when we have visitors. It’s always a struggle to catch up with everything. Whenever my mind feels drownedContinue reading “Shake It Up”

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