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Mom’s Clubs

My work as a researcher opens a whole lot of world for me. I get to learn and a little bit understand that not everything on the news and the internet are correct and that culture immersion and its impact varies from person to person.  Today, I got the opportunity to search for Mom’s Clubs in the US. That is because I work for someone in the US. My job is to compile a good list of Clubs that can be tapped for the newest project to help Stop Severe Acute Malnutrition.

As a mom myself, I am compelled to do my part for this project. Even if I cannot donate money like the rest. The best thing I can do for now is take care of my own child the best way possible and the children close to my proximity. Our country’s child care is still primitive in most part of the provinces and that is because we lack the education to empower Mothers. A Mother’s love is a solid rock, it is the world’s most powerful force but without the proper knowledge and guidance, as well as the understanding of human behavior and development , that love can become a curse. A curse that will destroy the very solid foundation. I hear many stories of struggling children who never had the chance to be assessed properly both physiologically and psychologically. Sad to say that even the most basic need of a child is not met and seeing their condition would break any mother’s heart. Is it because of poverty? Maybe some, but not all.

Mom’s Clubs is a great way to get and give support, and a lot of countries have given much importance to this. Lucky today I found this List of MOM’s Club, made my job a little bit easier. It is a compilation for mothers looking for Clubs or Organizations that they would want to take part. I was amazed by the diversity of groups that mothers can choose from. Mothers today are so lucky to have the information from the internet readily available for perusal, and the vast information and support that can help big time in our woes, insecurities, pains and joys! 🙂

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Good morning to all mothers! :)

Every morning, a mother wakes up often for a purpose not her own. She opens her eyes, go to the kitchen while trying to make a fuzzy remembrance of the plans she had in mind the night before. What to cook, the grocery list, parts of the house that need deep cleaning and etc. Oh, the most important part, the little one’s activities for the day.

Having kids can be crazy but they’re a sheer joy one can only feel the moment they have one. This is why I almost cried watching this video today. A Mother’s version of When you say nothing at all, dedicated to her 4 boys! 🙂

You say it best when you say "I love you Mom"
You say it best when you say “I love you Mom”


I don't know what I'm doing

Why can’t I shut up at times?

I ran an errand earlier today for my sister, which requires me to bring a camera and walk at least 1 km to the location. I am nice that way. 🙂

I walked the long road to where we used (as kids) to walk. Those roads with the same people only older and new people (of course, younger) looking at me with great curiosity. They can hardly recognize the person walking who used to be too skinny and today doubled her size. They were curious because I was holding a camera and I was greeting Good Afternoon, they also wondered what I was doing there, and also because road-side chitchats is the most common hobby for people who are passing the time.

I stopped by a few groups of people, I joined the chitchats except that I was being interviewed and I was answering nonstop. Then I realized I was talking to people who will probably talk to 10 more and who would talk about what I talked and might a bit tweak it and might not be able to make justice of what I said, But what I answered were the truth but my truth may not be understandable to them. People’s judgment, they’re the truth no matter how we say “live your life to your desire”. What the heck! At the end of the day, it was still my fault for saying too much.

I regretted chiming in to the roadside chitchat not because of my answers to their questions but because there is no reason answering those. What was I thinking? Was it ego? Maybe I was trying to show-off, which by the way, was completely foolish. I was too excited and I had fun connecting again after a long time but I should remember that I am no longer that little girl. I talked too much. Maybe I assumed they would not mind or I assumed they would be, I don’t know.

On the bright side. I gave them facts about my life, not gossips. And oh, I asked a man what he was doing in a group of women. Men also loves roadside chitchats, I guess. 🙂

Common hangouts
Cute store with Avon brochures, selling cellphone loads too. This is one common hangouts.


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Unconditional it is

My daughter has GDD; in simple terms, she is way behind her development in more than 2 levels. It has been a struggle for me to explain that, even to my own family. I also did not want them to look at Blyf and feel pity. It’s my prayer that Blyf be treated like every child should be treated.

I am not expecting that everyone understands what me or Blyf is going through but I expect acceptance from the people who said they love me and Blyf. This is in fact my most disturbing character, I am too sensitive that I tend to read between the lines. I try so hard not to misunderstand what I hear but my intelligence is far greater than my ignorance (that is me boasting, my apologies). Yes, I get offended. And yes, I try to and often successful at letting go and moving on. I am neither innocent nor wicked but I know humility and honesty at all levels.

There were times when I feel that the world became smaller for Blyf but these days were less than the days when my hopes are high and my happiness swallows those uncertainties. Many parents out there might be struggling for other things or the same as what I have. Some may not be able to write those woes away and share the troubling thoughts. May every parent find solace in the comforts of friends and family or strangers. May they find sincere empathy and love in the physical and digital world.

The society can think however they want, but it really cracks me up when my family and friends think that my daughter is annoying or pathetic. I will raise my red flag and declare war but soon will raise my white not for surrender but for total acceptance that we love in different ways or we don’t love at all.

She spells patience and unconditional love.
She spells patience and unconditional love.
I don't know what I'm doing

I am virtually sick, because cyber overdose can kill

I think there is a wiring in my brain somewhere that changes things every now and then or maybe I have an un-diagnosed case of depression or anxiety because I lack the capacity to stay calm.

I am living a pretentious life.

So, what would I want to do now? I want to get out and eat some McDonald’s fries or late night pizza or just breathe some dusty-carbon monoxide filled city air. I don’t know. I want to get out of here and my husband refuses because some big SUV is blocking the car (because the garage is way too small for all 3 vehicles and yet they need to fit, somehow). I would prefer sardines in a can scenario, at least sardines makes me happy. Who likes sardines?

Can’t we walk? Do we really need the car? (reasons)

It's easier said than done.
(photo grabbed from the web- found after typing “inspire me”)
It’s easier said than done.