Father’s Day and what sacrifice means

Every time I read stories of people narrating how they were raised by amazing selfless dads, I can’t stop my tears from welling. I was raised by a “rockstar” father. Even at the age of 60, his heart still prefers to be with his bandmates more than his children. He did provide for us asContinue reading “Father’s Day and what sacrifice means”

The Rise of the Guardians and Finding our center

Over the years since its release in 2012, Rise of the Guardians is one of our fave family movies. The story, the cast, the cinematic effect and the MESSAGE made it timeless. The kids love it for its magical effects and characters, I loved it for the feel-good effect of the message- also the elvesContinue reading “The Rise of the Guardians and Finding our center”

I Wanna See You BE BRAVE

Honestly, I could not explain why the line “I wanna see you be brave” keeps my tears rolling like non-stop. Then every single time it plays, I remember being young, confused and scared and no one was there to tell me “Be Brave”. I wasn’t sure if I was and if I was- going throughContinue reading “I Wanna See You BE BRAVE”

Waiting for the “Holy Grail” of a Perfect Purpose

This title phrase I heard from one of Marie Forleo’s interview. Marie Forleo is one of the most interesting people on the internet so far and her interviews on YouTube have been one of my greatest resources for inspiration and everything that feels good. The interview was in 2016 and it was her 1st interviewContinue reading “Waiting for the “Holy Grail” of a Perfect Purpose”

The shame of wanting something good

This talk in TED really tugged my heart. The beauty of being a misfit tells a journey of a writer who represented the lives of those plagued with failures, trauma, abuse, struggles, pain, and anything that could lead to hopelessness. The talk started with her journey from getting a scholarship grant to New York CityContinue reading “The shame of wanting something good”

The Class of 2020 Speeches

This morning, my mentor shared a link to Forbes Best Commencement Speeches of 2020. The article featured the 44th US President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tim Cook, LeBron James, and others. The lineup is pretty heavy and packed with rich content. The one that resonates to me the most now is from LeBron James. “StayContinue reading “The Class of 2020 Speeches”

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