Thoughts and Opinions

I just don’t understand sometimes how people (celebrities or the likes) gets angry over reactions from people with their opinions made public on social media. We all have opinions on almost everything in life; if we do not want them criticized, we shouldn’t bother posting it online. #weareabunchofinconsistenopinionatedbeings #itcanbeplainannoying Advertisements

Why Figure Skater Michael Christian Martinez Ups My Hope for the World

While most Filipinos in the social media overly expresses their amazement over the recognition figure skater Michael Christian Martinez in the 2014 Winter Olympics garnered, some are plain happy for his success. Saying, “Yeah, of course he is Pinoy”, makes me cringe though. Why can’t we stop saying that? False patriotism is not ever flattering […]

Tagalog & Bisaya- The good, the bad and the stigma

Branding and judgment, we cannot put those two in separate bowls. Simply because when we brand we judge and vice versa. We have brands of clothes, medicines, and food because we mark each of them lesser or greater than the others. It has become human nature to put a wall and differentiate ourselves from the […]

Newsworthy-CNN: Oprah told by Swiss store she can’t afford one of their bags

Along other news this morning is an unlikely headline about Oprah, the Media Mogul being a victim of Racism in Switzerland. According to CNN, International Desk segment, Oprah went inside a store and asked the sales person about a bag named after Jennifer Aniston and was refused. She was told more than once during the […]

What’s buzzing-the pork barrel scandal

I have no idea about this news until a friend of mine posted a link on Facebook. This pork-barrel scandal is all over social media and have caused angry masses and public scrutiny calling for investigation and justice. Politics is a complex and frustrating topic that I avoid writing. It is exhausting and stressful. In as […]