7.2 Magnitude Quake hit my hometown 3 days ago

Tuesday Earthquake rerun in my mind. Still can’t sleep. I was cooking breakfast at 8 in the morning, Blyf and McAngel were still sleeping while my 2 nieces and neighbor’s kids were playing on the sofa. Bangz went outside the room to get breakfast to the kitchen when we heard a rupture 15 minutes laterContinue reading “7.2 Magnitude Quake hit my hometown 3 days ago”

old house – vecchia casa – bătrâna casă

Originally posted on valeriu dg barbu:
trilingual post just five minutesI went to buy somethingoutside the people were without roads, they seeped such as the stains,or the thaw …In the shop, on the shelves were only sellersand greasy windows with ads of advertisingso disappointed I returning home, the small window on the my inbox reflected…

The war in Zamboanga and it’s everyone’s business

Hundreds of lives lost and thousands displaced leaving people especially children hungry and scared, this is only the synopsis of the situation in Zamboanga City, and news reports said the rebels attacked to take over the City in their shout for independence and autonomy. The issues in Mindanao has been one that they say isContinue reading “The war in Zamboanga and it’s everyone’s business”

Yes, knowing the truth is liberating and not all families love like you do

It felt kind of off and painful when family members betray you. I hate it when fairy tales speak exactly of truth. The wicked stepmother and your father who chooses to be blind and deaf for who knows what. It’s not really cute because, of course, I am not a princess although the adversary isContinue reading “Yes, knowing the truth is liberating and not all families love like you do”

Music & Lyrics- I hope these voices can write their own music

I was invited by a colleague to view this video of a singer (no, he is not known yet) turning to YouTube to share his talent. He’s got voice, man! His rendition of the Air Supply song “Having you near me” sounded like the original. I only get to see 2 of his songs andContinue reading “Music & Lyrics- I hope these voices can write their own music”

Newsworthy-CNN: Oprah told by Swiss store she can’t afford one of their bags

Along other news this morning is an unlikely headline about Oprah, the Media Mogul being a victim of Racism in Switzerland. According to CNN, International Desk segment, Oprah went inside a store and asked the sales person about a bag named after Jennifer Aniston and was refused. She was told more than once during theContinue reading “Newsworthy-CNN: Oprah told by Swiss store she can’t afford one of their bags”

It’s been ages since I had a full make-up on

Attending an event and hosting it are two different scenes and they caused me the same self-esteem issues. Of my weight gain and my inability to lose them.   Every woman must feel beautiful and most of the time it is a decision that we have to make. If I had a husband who doesn’tContinue reading “It’s been ages since I had a full make-up on”

What’s buzzing-the pork barrel scandal

I have no idea about this news until a friend of mine posted a link on Facebook. This pork-barrel scandal is all over social media and have caused angry masses and public scrutiny calling for investigation and justice. Politics is a complex and frustrating topic that I avoid writing. It is exhausting and stressful. In asContinue reading “What’s buzzing-the pork barrel scandal”

Let’s go local-Echo got engaged

Because Gossip and other people’s lives are more interesting than ours (I beg to disagree), while browsing I found this article of a local star Jericho Rosales, he used to be Eat Bulaga‘s “Mr. Pogi” years ago, recently got engaged with a TV Host. Accordingly, he proposed on his birthday, August 4th. I don’t haveContinue reading “Let’s go local-Echo got engaged”

It’s not everyday that I carry a pig’s head

Yesterday, someone came by and delivered a pig’s head. It was a head of a raw pig! That doesn’t happen everyday and no I did not order them. A head’s pig arrived, so what? Nothing, I carried it with my bare hands holding the ears. I saw all the cross-cut section of the pig andContinue reading “It’s not everyday that I carry a pig’s head”

Time for the #throwbackthursday childhood extravaganza

Today, I saw a blog talking about all the shitty things our country and its people have. He expected Filipinos to serve his food the American way. Local food joints are trained to serve hungry customers, period. Anyway, there are many observations there that might hit hard, as in sad and complete truth but stillContinue reading “Time for the #throwbackthursday childhood extravaganza”

Stars Dating One After the Next-Adam Levine’s engaged to VS Angel

I saw this post today! Adam is engaged to Behati Prinsloo- that hot Victoria’s Secret Angel? Just 2 years ago, I watched Adam kissed Anne V during the VS Fashion Show and they looked perfect and happy! Apparently, they broke up for Anne V. was dating a Scottish DJ. Well, nothing is ever constant.  

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