Everyday is a lesson learned, Literature & Books

The Smell of New Pages

I know that it’s becoming handy, environment-saving and practical to own e-books than actual books you flip through. However, there is something about the latter, its papers and inks and its smell that gives the initial pleasure (that sure sounds weird) but really, touching the book and opening its pages seems more profound than electronically flipping the Corning Glass of your device. I initially bought a tablet for the purpose of reading but after reading 1 book, I told myself I will not go back to reading a nice story and have to make sure I do not run out of battery.

Anyway, today marks my insane realization of being able to resist clothes, bags and shoes but not books.

Here’s to reading Mitch Albom’s “The Timekeeper”.

I hope I will not cry.

The only material stuff that makes sense
The only material stuff that makes sense
Everyday is a lesson learned, Literature & Books

Welcome change

An advocate of change.

I always believed in uncertainties, though deep within, I wanted things to be constant.

Like when days are perfect and happy, I wanted it to stay that way.

It isn’t fair, though, to hold on to it.

The balance must be retained. An end to a beginning, a sad to a happy.

It’s just the way it is.

Many have wasted their days and sold their souls for status quo, for things to stay the way they are and in turn destroyed everything else and the universe.

When we hold on to redundancy of happily ever after, we might lose the significance of chasing the elusive dreams.

Then we wake up everyday with no reason and no meaning.

Change. To remind me.
Change. To remind me.
Everyday is a lesson learned, In the eyes of a Child, Literature & Books

The 3 Little Pigs: Home kiddie fave story

Since we moved to my sister’s place, we’ve made quite a few fun memorable moments including baking and bedtime stories. My nieces and nephew would always request for stories to be told in funny sounds and interactive mode. I oblige as often as I can because this few minutes lets me relive the childhood that is always magical, wonderful and beautiful.

Last night, we indulged to the story of The 3 Little Pigs. As I read through the pages, I realized how these stories are made of so many faulty events. I think this is why most grow-ups dismiss these stories. As we grow, we look for sense and logic in everything. So I say, it’s not bad to be children every now and then, where everything seems to be possible.

I also heard my daughter, Blyf, react to the story by babbling and making so much noise as we go along. I think she’s trying to keep up since my nieces and nephew were asking questions and clarifications of what a “churn, furious, and roundabout” means.

As a whole, we had fun.

I wonder what other great stories I can read?

Source -YouTube
Source -YouTube

Literature & Books

Singing the song of fear

Unknown sea creature


Oppression of thoughts, oppression of words

To fear the living with a hundred swords

The precious life once threatened now succumbs with fright

Flee to anguish in the distance night, and calls for spirits to make the fight


To be the soldier of fair, to be the carrier of truth

The endurance of faith in the midst of truce

Will we forever flee the rubble of these rabble

Embrace these nightmares and deny we are able


How we treat these threats will soon boomerang

If not today, our children will catch the pang

Why couldn’t we grasp the reality of fear

That it will haunt us even in our strong lair


Why not hold on to the guiding light of life?

For death will forever remain the ultimate price

No one can deny when the night snatches the soul

Why not die teaching the brave path to us all?