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“You have to put your behind in your past.”




Movie Like- Expendables 2

Cool Seniors
Cool Seniors

Reading the title it sounded like the Despicable Me 2, except that the minions are way too cute but still Jason Statham is still so hot!

My husband is movie jumping this afternoon (this is watching only good part of MOVIES he’s watched-like 10 films in under an hour) to while away the hunger and hope to forget since dinner is still 2 hours away.

So, he’s done watching the G.I Joe 2 and jumped right to Expendables 2-a Senior action stars movie. I am reading some articles by the way and once in a while glance at his screen.  And then, I asked:

Me: What is that movie? (I didn’t know which movie it was).

Bangz: Expendables 2

Me: Really? Have I watched that?

Bangz: I think so, you didn’t like this.

Me: Says who?

Bangz: You, because you didn’t like the first movie.

Me: Says who?

Bangz: You.

Me: I liked the first movie.

Bangz: Then, you’ll like this.

My husband really confuses me at times.

Useless conversation. Maybe it’s the hunger or maybe it’s the reading.

I like Stallone’s movies. He aged rather gracefully. But the movie is not for kids, but that’s only my opinion.


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I watched the most boring movie

I am in the height of the Tagalog Movie marathon, trying not to feel foreign in my homeland. I watched a few good ones with interesting plot, the ones with Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd in it and more interesting actors and actresses like Eugene Domingo. But there are also movies that will make you scream to your core for its dragging story line and senseless plot like that A Moment in Time movie. Maybe the plot was okay, shot in Amsterdam with all the Tulips and the lakes,but oh my, the movie really sucks- in my opinion.

Anyway, just the other day I watched the 2nd installment of the G.I. Joe movie and I did not like it because they did not mention Duke died. End. Movies, movies! I know that movies do not really change the world but it does change something. Like that Italian movie, Life is beautiful. It moved me a lot, I bled and I cannot forget that at all. I lived a life of a lonely, scared but lucky little girl.

What’s that movie that changed you?

Photo from the web! I grabbed it because it reminded me of our old TV!
Photo from the web! I grabbed it because it reminded me of our old TV!