The Rise of the Guardians and Finding our center

Over the years since its release in 2012, Rise of the Guardians is one of our fave family movies. The story, the cast, the cinematic effect and the MESSAGE made it timeless. The kids love it for its magical effects and characters, I loved it for the feel-good effect of the message- also the elvesContinue reading “The Rise of the Guardians and Finding our center”

Movie Like- Expendables 2

Reading the title it sounded like the Despicable Me 2, except that the minions are way too cute but still Jason Statham is still so hot! My husband is movie jumping this afternoon (this is watching only good part of MOVIES he’s watched-like 10 films in under an hour) to while away the hunger andContinue reading “Movie Like- Expendables 2”

I watched the most boring movie

I am in the height of the Tagalog Movie marathon, trying not to feel foreign in my homeland. I watched a few good ones with interesting plot, the ones with Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd in it and more interesting actors and actresses like Eugene Domingo. But there are also movies that will make youContinue reading “I watched the most boring movie”

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