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Good morning to all mothers! :)

Every morning, a mother wakes up often for a purpose not her own. She opens her eyes, go to the kitchen while trying to make a fuzzy remembrance of the plans she had in mind the night before. What to cook, the grocery list, parts of the house that need deep cleaning and etc. Oh, the most important part, the little one’s activities for the day.

Having kids can be crazy but they’re a sheer joy one can only feel the moment they have one. This is why I almost cried watching this video today. A Mother’s version of When you say nothing at all, dedicated to her 4 boys! 🙂

You say it best when you say "I love you Mom"
You say it best when you say “I love you Mom”


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Music & Lyrics- I hope these voices can write their own music

I was invited by a colleague to view this video of a singer (no, he is not known yet) turning to YouTube to share his talent.

He’s got voice, man! His rendition of the Air Supply song “Having you near me” sounded like the original. I only get to see 2 of his songs and I stopped. My break from work was over.

He has a great voice, I’ll give him a credit for that! But I’m not really impressed. We are in the era where we have too many singers but only few composers. YouTube has maybe thousands of talented singers singing covers. I don’t have anything against them but it makes wonder what has become of the music industry. Songs are recycled, talents just pass us by. The likes of Jose Mari Chan has not replicated since. Ryan Cayabyab is getting old but no one has followed his footsteps (I am talking local).

Music is the language of the soul. But I can not feel the soul of which it should be intended to. When all I hear are revivals, the language becomes obscure. Too many wants to sing to get famous for what? And they complain that life of fame and fortune is hard.

There are still many great songs today. And they are sang  from talented folks who writes and speaks the language of the soul, and they last-most of them. Because they pour their heart into it and the songs becomes their lives. I am no musician but I sure appreciate quality music. It makes the world bearable. It makes life meaningful. I can get high, I can get low with only listening to music. It can even be orgasmic. I know, it’s neither proper to talk about that here but music always sets the tone of my day.

But in this country, we have changed our priorities. Politics became the biggest burden and the top family business, arts and music is no longer the focus at school, technology has taken over the quality of lives. Just like me. I spend more than half of my day in front of the computer not just because I make a living out of it but because the whole www has become the source of almost everything. I am not complaining and I am sure thankful because technology has given me the opportunity to fulfill 2 lives at once.

I wonder when I hear people complain to be hearing singers mimicking the style of the original artist but doesn’t like hearing their unique versions, isn’t it ironic? We are in the era of contradicting philosophy. Harana (singing to someone on a guitar) is a thing of the past and I seldom see groups of people with guitars and singing but it’s a common scene to see groups of people with their gadgets, plugged in. Again, I am no musician but I love music. So, for the chosen few who knows their soul, I say write your own music. The world always listens to pure passion, it may take time but it will come. It shall come.


grabbed from the web
grabbed from the web

[Daily Thoughts] Music and Life

Have you ever given everything?

Have you ever been asked for more?

In the daily realms of a mother and a wife, more sometimes mean inadequate

Exhaustion is nothing more than emotional outburst


It can be painful at times, when what I do lost its significance

Should I give up one to fully attend to the other?

But what about the bills? Am I not important too?

Is there a way to ask the stars for my dreams to turn to reality and not having to spend?


Should I leave the house upside down or let the baby play alone?

Should I home cook or thaw the frozen goods?

Is life no longer my own or have I given it up on its own?

The choices are mine yet not one can ever be an option


I have never cried for a career, yet I have shed every tear as a homemaker

Why aren’t we well compensated, why are our benefits ever be present?

Why am I asked to have not given enough when everything have been stripped all the way through?

Because I am a mother, a wife, a woman? Am I expected to take everything in and smile?


Songs, they have a way of letting a girl pour it out

The music, will always understand a soul

I listened to a song and I cried, I cannot understand why

It was the tune, not even the words. It’s the hymn and my melancholy


They danced, they embraced


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