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Say yes, and figure it our later

I am trying to juggle 2 online jobs, motherhood, being a wife, a supportive sister and a loving aunt while forming my thoughts on a pizza parlor endeavor. Two days ago I said yes to host a kiddie party next month. I think this event organizing will be my step towards my cupcake business, and I am thrilled.

I have always doubted myself. Most of the time fear eats my courage before I can act on them. My decision to move my foot a step closer to the life I want is beginning to give me more energy. I think this energy is called purpose and I think purpose is good. Last night I browsed through Pinterest for ideas on loot bags and maybe some photo backdrop. These are after all kids and they want to have fun. I have great games in mind but I still research for more. More ideas are good.

Forming the business that I wanted in my mind is inspiring and scary. I am not sure if I am ready to take the risk. I am also not sure if I am a going to be good in business. But then as I shared that endeavor with other people, thoughts became plans and now it’s up for me to convert those plans into action. Life is full of risk, anyway. I say take them. It’s all I got. Life is unfolding right before my eyes and I was too scared to say Yes. Fridays are now my counseling days. An hour to spend with someone in need of your listening and your guidance is a good de-stressing event, and I said yes to that too!

A week ago, I cried to my friend as I told her I no longer understand where my life is headed. I want to do whatever it is that would make each waking moment exciting, fun and meaningful. To live intently. Me and my husband are trying to make both ends meet and we are not satisfied so far. The game changer is that, we have no spare to give to every person that needs help while we try to make our dreams come true, such as building our own house. We can’t run away from our dreams forever. We have to do something.

Yes, I still have 3 events to plan and organize. I have one in September (this one is more of a fun work), another would be to help a cousin for her daughter’s birthday, I have a children’s party to plan for December, and a reunion next year. I think that’s a total of 4? I am not even good at counting! Whoa! There are still loads of preparations to make. I am trying to figure them out as I go along. I said yes to every little thing that makes me happy. Yes, that’s what I call life.

Turn your lights on.
Turn your lights on.
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Frustrating turned amusing Globe Tech Rep encounter

We went to the City a day early than planned last week. We encountered some internet connection downtime and we rely on the Internet for both our jobs. We were told that it won’t take too long and it will soon be restored, so we thought, fine. We’ll stay in the City for not less than 3 days, anyway.

The day when we were supposed to go back, I got sick and received a call that we still have no internet connection here. I called Globe hotline to further check and they told me that it has been long restored and we should be able to connect to the internet. We came home finally today, happy to be arriving home safe. Me and my husband has found Bohol a sanctuary, a place of zen and peace. Oh yes, I have an immature yet jolly father, I have 2 rowdy lazy brothers, and a temperamental stepmom; but here we have the free-hand to decide, to be a family, to be angry when things get tough and to express that anger. Here, we are humans, and we are free to stay and we are free to leave.

Going back, we checked the computer right away if indeed we have connection, since we left my brothers were not able to connect to the internet. We did some basic troubleshooting and checked the modem lights, seems okay.

I called Globe to request for assistance a little later. I spoke to someone who placed me on hold for 5 mins to pull up my account (I know, his computer must be located on another floor of the building). He came back on the line, thank goodness; and asked what’s the problem so I narrated about the trouble a week before and that I was told it’s been fully restored. He placed me again on hold for 3 minutes and then came back and told me that the person I spoke with yesterday was wrong and that there is still outage in my area. I think my tired mind (due to lack of sleep) just exploded. I told him, I do not believe you, give me to someone else. After 5 minutes, a so-called Supervisor came on the line (which I bet was the same person) told me the same thing. With a firm voice, I asked, “But why are my neighbors connected to the internet and we are not? Are you trying to tell me that luck just struck me or that life is just unfair sometimes?” He said rubbish things and I refused to listen. I told him why can’t we just do some troubleshooting? He insisted on the outage. I then demanded for a tech dispatch and he refused because the support group according to him will cancel the ticket. This was what transpired:

Me: Why can’t you dispatch a technician when all the lights on the modem are okay?

Tech: Because there is an outage.

Me: What are you doing on your end then? This has been going on for a week.

Tech: Our support group are fixing the cabinet.

Me: Where? The cabinet is just right across where I live.

Tech: Maybe, they are just testing in other locations?

Me: So, I am the only one with connection issue and they are testing other locations? Do you have any idea how stupid you sounded? Can you call any of your support group in my area then?

Tech: I can’t do that maam but I will escalate this issue to them.

Me: You know who these people are? Coz I know them, they are my neighbors. Can I call them instead?

Tech: Silence.

Me: Right. You are escalating this issue to people you do not know and you are not allowing me to call these people that I’ve known since I was a child.

Tech: Because, it’s our process Maam.

Me: If me and my husband will not be able to work because you refuse to fix my problem, will it be okay that we don’t pay the bill and you send us money to pay for our other bills and food? Of course not.

Tech: Maam, I’m sorry I can’t hear you. Then the line got disconnected.

I did not bother to call the hotline again for another pointless talk so I told my husband I’ll just let him use the USB Stick for now so I can sleep this off and talk to somebody else down at Globe when I have the right energy to declare war; and that maybe I’ll get someone a lot more sensible.

When I was about to leave the house to buy some prepaid load, my husband changed the GUI password and thought that the year should be 2012 (which the tech dude insisted to be 2013) because our line started last year, and he was damn right. We only had authentication problem and the dude at Globe was just too eager to get rid of us and insisted on a network problem.

Globe, aren’t you forgetting that we are in the Β call center, selfie and techporn era that your chances of getting away from tech-savvy customers are freakin’ slim? Come on! You had to kick out 3 employees last year for extortion, train your people well please! Just the basics, just the damn basics!

That encounter made my day today. Our call centers here now sounded more like the typical set-up.

We have our connection, and we fixed it!

Globe broke it, we fixed it!- Handy Manny

(photo grabbed from the Web)
(photo grabbed from the Web)
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Right floor but wrong building

I will never forget Friday. What’s with Friday, anyway? It’s made me crazy in the embarrassing kind of way.

I went out to meet my life coach. She has a class at one of the oldest University in Cebu, which also happens to be my Alma Mater. We make it a point that we see each other on my monthly visit here, just to freshen things up. I felt my glow diminishing the past days, life has eluded me and that makes me dull.

Anyway, she told me to meet her at the school so I rushed there. She instructed that I go straight to the 6th floor, room 611 to be exact. It’s going to be a tough flight, I thought. I haven’t really gone up that number of stairs for some time. I thought to myself, with the increasing tuition fees, they should have had those moving stairs by now but still it’s the same old school as I can remember.

I could not catch my breath when I reached the 3rd floor but I was so excited to see my mentor’s class so I hurried my feet. Then, I got there, all sweat and not glamorous at all. Then suddenly, Boom! I realized I made the most stupid mistake probably for years? πŸ™‚ I was on the right floor of the wrong building. I forgot that the University has 4 campuses, and I went to the wrong campus. I know, it’s stupid but that woke me up and I felt alive. I laughed and laughed at myself, way past bewildered lovers pretending to be studying, past the loud students trying so hard to be cool. I used to be like that except that I really was studying and I did not want to be cool. Lol!

I did not hurry my flight downstairs, and went on to sight-seeing. I took a photo of the Laboratory where I used to work as a student.

It’s good to see that old school.

Yes, I went to the right campus and found the person I was looking for, finally! πŸ™‚

The school has this odd aura, of old paints and ghosts! πŸ˜€