The Value of Giving Forward

Our days are always filled with questions like how can I be of help to others? But those desire to help is always hindered with doubts of thinking whether the people we are helping are worth it or whether our help makes a difference in their lives. Helping is a leap of faith. It’s like trustingContinue reading “The Value of Giving Forward”

The spirit of giving

The morning after the Super Typhoon Haiyan, I heard kids caroling outside the gate. They were out of tune with too funny lyrics. Hearing children carol bring me good childhood memories when we used to convert cans of milk for drums, barbecue sticks for drumsticks and soda crowns for tambourines. I grew up seeing myContinue reading “The spirit of giving”

They say my Country’s corrupt government is hopeless, I certainly hope not

Sangguniang Kabataan Federation. It’s that small part of the government for young people to exercise and experience politics. It’s that small branch that’s been said to be decaying and that the big trunk has been wanting to cut down. It’s perplexing really, as well as embarrassing. Those young leaves decaying at a fast pace andContinue reading “They say my Country’s corrupt government is hopeless, I certainly hope not”

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