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The Value of Giving Forward

Our days are always filled with questions like how can I be of help to others? But those desire to help is always hindered with doubts of thinking whether the people we are helping are worth it or whether our help makes a difference in their lives. Helping is a leap of faith. It’s like trusting your heart that good will prevail no matter what. I can’t help but ask that too. Like the little girl on the street with her blind grandmother asking alms from vehicle to vehicle. I was thinking if giving the few pesos I have would stop them from asking alms? Do the grandmother have a goal of one day taking her granddaughter away from the harms of the street?

These are questions I know would fall into blank spaces. I have no idea nor have I any solution to what is going on in my society. I have a skill, a talent and I am not even giving my best efforts to use it for others. Not because I did not want to but because I reason my time is not enough. But when does time ever enough for humans? Time is always the enemy, when in reality it’s not. Take my case for example, there are so many things I have planned in my head but most often they are only plans and I fall into nothingness thinking I can’t do anything about it.  I have always felt I am not giving enough, my energy, focus is not a 100%.

I have a job that pays enough, generous people around me, weird but amazing family, a loving husband and an amazing daughter and another one almost coming out. I felt I am not giving forward enough. I think of the times when I responded to the crisis with much more willingness to lend a hand, on medical missions, feeding programs, relief efforts. They say to donate, but I just can’t find the fulfillment in putting only a monetary value in compassion. The touch of a human, having to talk to them and hear their stories feels more meaning than handing only a check. Money in all its form is important too but handing it to them personally, spending a little time and laugh not just help them but helps my soul too. That is what I felt back then and that is what I am missing today. How can I be of help? This is my constant conversation with God. I know he will give me my opportunities. There is so much opportunity today.


Helping others is helping myself. <3
Helping others is helping myself. ❤


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Mom’s Clubs

My work as a researcher opens a whole lot of world for me. I get to learn and a little bit understand that not everything on the news and the internet are correct and that culture immersion and its impact varies from person to person.  Today, I got the opportunity to search for Mom’s Clubs in the US. That is because I work for someone in the US. My job is to compile a good list of Clubs that can be tapped for the newest project to help Stop Severe Acute Malnutrition.

As a mom myself, I am compelled to do my part for this project. Even if I cannot donate money like the rest. The best thing I can do for now is take care of my own child the best way possible and the children close to my proximity. Our country’s child care is still primitive in most part of the provinces and that is because we lack the education to empower Mothers. A Mother’s love is a solid rock, it is the world’s most powerful force but without the proper knowledge and guidance, as well as the understanding of human behavior and development , that love can become a curse. A curse that will destroy the very solid foundation. I hear many stories of struggling children who never had the chance to be assessed properly both physiologically and psychologically. Sad to say that even the most basic need of a child is not met and seeing their condition would break any mother’s heart. Is it because of poverty? Maybe some, but not all.

Mom’s Clubs is a great way to get and give support, and a lot of countries have given much importance to this. Lucky today I found this List of MOM’s Club, made my job a little bit easier. It is a compilation for mothers looking for Clubs or Organizations that they would want to take part. I was amazed by the diversity of groups that mothers can choose from. Mothers today are so lucky to have the information from the internet readily available for perusal, and the vast information and support that can help big time in our woes, insecurities, pains and joys! 🙂

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Say yes, and figure it our later

I am trying to juggle 2 online jobs, motherhood, being a wife, a supportive sister and a loving aunt while forming my thoughts on a pizza parlor endeavor. Two days ago I said yes to host a kiddie party next month. I think this event organizing will be my step towards my cupcake business, and I am thrilled.

I have always doubted myself. Most of the time fear eats my courage before I can act on them. My decision to move my foot a step closer to the life I want is beginning to give me more energy. I think this energy is called purpose and I think purpose is good. Last night I browsed through Pinterest for ideas on loot bags and maybe some photo backdrop. These are after all kids and they want to have fun. I have great games in mind but I still research for more. More ideas are good.

Forming the business that I wanted in my mind is inspiring and scary. I am not sure if I am ready to take the risk. I am also not sure if I am a going to be good in business. But then as I shared that endeavor with other people, thoughts became plans and now it’s up for me to convert those plans into action. Life is full of risk, anyway. I say take them. It’s all I got. Life is unfolding right before my eyes and I was too scared to say Yes. Fridays are now my counseling days. An hour to spend with someone in need of your listening and your guidance is a good de-stressing event, and I said yes to that too!

A week ago, I cried to my friend as I told her I no longer understand where my life is headed. I want to do whatever it is that would make each waking moment exciting, fun and meaningful. To live intently. Me and my husband are trying to make both ends meet and we are not satisfied so far. The game changer is that, we have no spare to give to every person that needs help while we try to make our dreams come true, such as building our own house. We can’t run away from our dreams forever. We have to do something.

Yes, I still have 3 events to plan and organize. I have one in September (this one is more of a fun work), another would be to help a cousin for her daughter’s birthday, I have a children’s party to plan for December, and a reunion next year. I think that’s a total of 4? I am not even good at counting! Whoa! There are still loads of preparations to make. I am trying to figure them out as I go along. I said yes to every little thing that makes me happy. Yes, that’s what I call life.

Turn your lights on.
Turn your lights on.
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I threw up the most delicious and maybe the most expensive pasta I’ve eaten

We were invited last night by wonderful couple Bobby and Beryl for dinner, they just got married and we were happy to be part of their most intimate wedding.

She, too, was not feeling well. After wedding effect.
She, too, was not feeling well. After wedding effect.

Although, I’ve already felt throbbing pain in the afternoon I still did not want to cancel the invitation because we will be leaving and going back to Bohol the next day. Together with my daughter and husband we went to this unique hotel, The Henry. I like how the hotel is decorated. Anyway, after a few chitchat we headed to this Pizza & Pasta Restaurant called Michelangelo. It was my family’s first time to dine there. We are not very adventurous when it comes to food. We eat what we know. Boring! Oh yeah, I bake but I do not cook very much. I don’t think that when you like making cupcakes you have to like everything about food or maybe we just avoid going to expensive places (there, that is likely the case). It doesn’t always follow.

They ordered seafood pasta and pizza. We let them order as we are not familiar with the menu, I can’t even pronounce most of them except Pizza, Pasta and the names of the cheeses. My husband ordered his all-time fave, Lasagne. Blyf had mushroom soup and rice and she ate like a dinosaur.

I fed Blyf ahead of us and she liked their Mushroom soup
I fed Blyf ahead of us and she liked their Mushroom soup
She drank too much water because it was icy cold.
She drank too much water because it was icy cold.

I noticed the throbbing pain worsen as the night progressed but I was enjoying the food too much and I tried to forget. Bobby ordered Mango ice cream for Blyf later on and Pistachio Ice cream for us. I can’t find the words to describe the taste of the ice cream. What I can say is that the taste made me feel better.

Blyf sat there waiting for her food. She looked amazing and a bit older. <3
Blyf sat there waiting for her food. She looked amazing and a bit older. ❤

But I think I pushed my stomach to its limit with my food intake, because after we consumed everything on our plate, I felt dizzy to the point of wanting to throw up. We went back to the hotel, it’s just a couple of meters away. Beryl gave me some Aleve for the headache; and then headed back home. We were only out for 3 hours including the drive.

My headache worsens on our drive home, I think I had my husband worry because he drove too fast. I have not vomited in years, not even during my pregnancy with Blyf. In retrospect, I vomited when I got too drunk during a party, that was years ago on my college days. And that made me swear never to drink beer again, ever. But I sure hell knows when I am about to throw up. Luckily, I found a bag inside the car compartment. I was more worried with the expensive food than me feeling really sick. I threw up everything; my husband told me to save them for later. 😀

I ended the night sleeping early rather than working. But still feel full even though I threw up everything I ate.

Thank you for the delicious dinner.  Congrats to both of you and a happy life ahead. ❤

Because love.
Because love.

Homo faber fortunae suae || Man, shaper of his fate.”