The Story of our BLYF

To Fend For Herself

Blyf woke up very late today! We went downstairs for breakfast. I prepared her bread to start off, then Ate Remy cooked her hotdog. Upon seeing the hotdog, she grabbed a chair and sat down because Mommy did not bother to give her a chair.



The Story of our BLYF

Gaining Control

I am having a very fun afternoon. I stumbled upon an incredible video of dolphin giving birth. Blyf was playing the tablet, she left her tablet and we watched the video together. When I touched my mouse to move the cursor, she thought I was gonna close it so she held my hand and pinned it down. Wouldn’t let go of my hand, I reasoned with her. She is quite determined never to let go. So we just held hand until the end. 🙂

The Story of our BLYF

It’s My First Time

I had to stay up late to catch up with work last night. My work week has always been hectic. I often wonder when the time would come when I can count the hours and smile like there’s plenty still. Often I wonder if I can survive through motherhood and having my hands and feet full, and still not so much to do waiting on the line. Ugh, my thoughts wander off the far away land trying to control everything my sight touches. In my real world though I have to really really touch them.












At 3 in the morning, I came to our room and saw Blyf and it felt new. I looked at Blyf as if it was my first time. Even though my daughter has been difficult these days, she melts my heart like no one can. I discovered patience I never would have thought possible. Motherhood, a love like nothing else.












These struggles, I know just happens. Why? Accordingly, it’s because Life happens.