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Music & Lyrics- I hope these voices can write their own music

I was invited by a colleague to view this video of a singer (no, he is not known yet) turning to YouTube to share his talent.

He’s got voice, man! His rendition of the Air Supply song “Having you near me” sounded like the original. I only get to see 2 of his songs and I stopped. My break from work was over.

He has a great voice, I’ll give him a credit for that! But I’m not really impressed. We are in the era where we have too many singers but only few composers. YouTube has maybe thousands of talented singers singing covers. I don’t have anything against them but it makes wonder what has become of the music industry. Songs are recycled, talents just pass us by. The likes of Jose Mari Chan has not replicated since. Ryan Cayabyab is getting old but no one has followed his footsteps (I am talking local).

Music is the language of the soul. But I can not feel the soul of which it should be intended to. When all I hear are revivals, the language becomes obscure. Too many wants to sing to get famous for what? And they complain that life of fame and fortune is hard.

There are still many great songs today. And they are sang  from talented folks who writes and speaks the language of the soul, and they last-most of them. Because they pour their heart into it and the songs becomes their lives. I am no musician but I sure appreciate quality music. It makes the world bearable. It makes life meaningful. I can get high, I can get low with only listening to music. It can even be orgasmic. I know, it’s neither proper to talk about that here but music always sets the tone of my day.

But in this country, we have changed our priorities. Politics became the biggest burden and the top family business, arts and music is no longer the focus at school, technology has taken over the quality of lives. Just like me. I spend more than half of my day in front of the computer not just because I make a living out of it but because the whole www has become the source of almost everything. I am not complaining and I am sure thankful because technology has given me the opportunity to fulfill 2 lives at once.

I wonder when I hear people complain to be hearing singers mimicking the style of the original artist but doesn’t like hearing their unique versions, isn’t it ironic? We are in the era of contradicting philosophy. Harana (singing to someone on a guitar) is a thing of the past and I seldom see groups of people with guitars and singing but it’s a common scene to see groups of people with their gadgets, plugged in. Again, I am no musician but I love music. So, for the chosen few who knows their soul, I say write your own music. The world always listens to pure passion, it may take time but it will come. It shall come.


grabbed from the web
grabbed from the web
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What’s buzzing-the pork barrel scandal

I have no idea about this news until a friend of mine posted a link on Facebook. This pork-barrel scandal is all over social media and have caused angry masses and public scrutiny calling for investigation and justice.

Politics is a complex and frustrating topic that I avoid writing. It is exhausting and stressful. In as much as I share the sentiments of most of the middle class expressing their views and disgust on the country’s corruption, I also find it sad that the this news will not reach majority of the Filipinos, the indigent and those in the provinces where internet connection is a privilege and soap operas appeal more than would-impact-our-country news. Why? It’s not because they don’t care, these people also feel hopeless. These days, they are way too busy thinking of their own basic necessities. Yes, they must know and they must get involved but they feel too insignificant to bother-and that’s a sad truth.

In the provinces, many people believe that they owe to politicians every service they get from the government. And they fear for their lives so they shut up from every injustice and every unfair practices. In the City we so loudly shout “STOP CORRUPTION” while we drop names, and yet these are the same people who gets voted every election. Our government is corrupt in its core but did we really try to reach out to our families and relatives in the provinces to educate them of what we think they should know? I myself fell prey of that system. It frustrates me but I felt powerless.

These news about Janet Lim Napoles and their wealth, did it really reach the masses? I doubt that majority of them reads these English texts (I am not belittling them, but most of my neighbors hate reading and listening to English transcripts especially about politics). Some goes online to open Facebook. They don’t Google to find news. Another sad thought are the comments I read saying that our country is hopeless and that we have no chance of redeeming our selves. That the corruption is already a way of life and neither can be abolished. Is that how we are now?

What amused me with this news, as always, is Sen. Miriam Santiago’s viewpoints on the issue at hand. If this is really true, I hope that these greedy, power-hungry people show some self-respect and leave. Or thick-face in the name of power and money the new virtue now?

I really pray we are not that hopeless nor that ignorant in our rights. When we get really mad when people from other countries mock us. Can we at least walk the talk? I hope so.

The supposed budget for education, where art thou?
The supposed budget for education, where art thou?

It’s not everyday that I carry a pig’s head

Yesterday, someone came by and delivered a pig’s head. It was a head of a raw pig! That doesn’t happen everyday and no I did not order them. A head’s pig arrived, so what? Nothing, I carried it with my bare hands holding the ears. I saw all the cross-cut section of the pig and I did not like what I saw. I think I will not eat pig moving forward.

Pardon the photo, just evidence of the incident. This pig was once alive.


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Time for the #throwbackthursday childhood extravaganza

Today, I saw a blog talking about all the shitty things our country and its people have. He expected Filipinos to serve his food the American way. Local food joints are trained to serve hungry customers, period. Anyway, there are many observations there that might hit hard, as in sad and complete truth but still I believe that no one has the right to tell someone they are stupid, and telling someone stupid does not make one a lot smarter.

The blog talked about this old street in downtown Cebu City, Colon. It brought memories of childhood and adventures. I used to love Cebu City for its laid-back lifestyle until modernization clogged up the narrow streets with too many vehicles, garbage and illegal grabbers(snatchers and pickpockets). Problems rose here and there. I can complain all I want but until such time that I have done something or come up with a solution myself, I do not want to. Yes, it is a sad truth that our government officials are way too corrupt, but we voted them, riiggghhhttt????

Anyway, I wanted Thursdays as a day where I can remember how I was and the few good things and bad things that made me what I am today- all confusing and insane.

Actual entry:

Colon is just few meters from where I was born, I was born and raised in a slum area. We were informal settlers; though around the time of my grandparents, they belonged to the more dignified ones. They have businesses and income. They had a big house and can afford good food, pretty dresses and trips to movies houses. Until drugs penetrated our place, and some uncles became pathetic drug lords, drug users, runners and were killed of drug abuse, we lived a good. We were a happy community until population spiked up and more informal settlers arrived. My mother decided to better live in the province. She feared for her kids future, but not all mothers are like her and not all mothers were married to someone who has a province to go home to. Most of my childhood friends were not lucky enough- and I was not lucky that way, too! My childhood was also fucked up especially after my mother died few months after my 8th birthday.

How I learned to swim.

My grandparent’s house was situated on a body of water. Cousins and neighbors gather around for a swim everyday! We had a beach party everyday. I remembered me mostly naked than actually wearing clothes. Our uncles, who did not have the proper training to teach swimming would throw us to the water so we learn how to swim. I was 4 or five years old. Yes, it may sound barbaric but it was the only effective method they know. They would only save us if they think we are drowning and are near death. My uncles were the most fucked up people I know but they would tell us not to drink on their drunken days and not to smoke after they sent us to buy them their packs of cigars. They are nice, that way! 🙂

(photo from the web) This is what the water used to looked like back then.
(photo from the web) This is what the water used to look like back then.

I turned out to be a very good swimmer, thanks to my barbaric uncles.  Today, their grandchildren can no longer swim like we do because the water is all mud and full of garbage.

(photo from the web) My heart bleeds every time I visit the old place seeing this.
(photo from the web) My heart bleeds every time I visit the old place seeing this.

That is how I learned to swim, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. If I actually died, I wouldn’t be able to write about it. And because I did survive, it became a little interesting.

(photo grabbed from the web) This is the actual place
(photo grabbed from the web) This is the actual place
(photo grabbed from the web) This is the actual place
(photo grabbed from the web) This is the actual place