Women and Tech- How tools and apps make my life bearable

I wrote this section as I discovered my fascination on how technology empowers women at work and home. The PC I use runs on Linux and we use Project Management Tool to monitor our family’s long list of to-dos.. I have considered myself to be a late adopter but only because trends make me irritable-Continue reading “Women and Tech- How tools and apps make my life bearable”

A great add-on for Google Maps

I can’t contain my laugh when I read this morning on Facebook a transcript of someone asking for the Jeepney number to ride going to a specific place. In Cebu, the jeepneys are numbered according to routes. So, when we want to go to a specific place, we look at the number at the front.Continue reading “A great add-on for Google Maps”

Morning Musings [What is CCTV?]

This morning conversation transpired after hearing a new scandal on the loose over the internet. Many gasps over these scandals and expressing disgusts. Well, maybe we should stop watching it? Husband: What do you think CCTV stands for? Wife: I don’t know (work-mode, thinking of telling him to Google it). Husband: Maybe, 1 of theContinue reading “Morning Musings [What is CCTV?]”

Frustrating turned amusing Globe Tech Rep encounter

We went to the City a day early than planned last week. We encountered some internet connection downtime and we rely on the Internet for both our jobs. We were told that it won’t take too long and it will soon be restored, so we thought, fine. We’ll stay in the City for not lessContinue reading “Frustrating turned amusing Globe Tech Rep encounter”

Today’s Wrap-up: Waiting for Google’s Highly Trained Monkeys

1. I got a call from someone I do not want to answer but I have no choice but to answer because he wouldn’t stop. Why not turn the phone off? How do I turn-off a land-line? 2. I bought a calculator today; a request from my house-helper’s kid, her requirement for school. I sawContinue reading “Today’s Wrap-up: Waiting for Google’s Highly Trained Monkeys”

Techie Talks with my Husband

Me: What are you doing, Bangz? Bangz: I am sending an iMessage to Matt! I don’t know how to send an iMessage on the computer so I’m using the phone. Me: Ok, so you can only send an iMessage using the iGadgets? Bangz: Correction, iDevice! besides iTunes is an Apple product. Me: That is notContinue reading “Techie Talks with my Husband”

The Right Keypad

The fast-paced world brings new technology left and right. The tremendous change has affected the lives of so many people like myself. When the cellphone craze started creeping in, the word mobility became a household name Meeting someone someplace became so much easier and in turn shortened everybody else’ patience. At present time, new fadsContinue reading “The Right Keypad”

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