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Understanding Functions

I am writing this while class is ongoing. I know it’s not good, I don’t believe in multi-tasking. It is not effective but surprisingly has become addicting. So I am writing this piece with a whole lot discussion going on, an idea when it arrives sometimes I find it compelling.

Discussed in class topics like how to think, act and become a strategist like a CEO- has given me a lot of insights but it’s becoming clear too that the job is scary. It is a very demanding and difficult job. An ambition to be taken with caution.

Anyway, an idea popped into my head while the professor was talking about strategies, integration and levels of responsibilities in leadership- I just realized that while one begin to understand his/her role in an organization as one gains knowledge, experience and wisdom; the gap will also widen with the people she/he works with. The gap I am talking about is the level from where we understand one another especially when the rate of accumulating those wisdom, knowledge and experiences is not the same. It goes with all relationship, I suppose. Misunderstanding happens when a concept/idea/information is interpreted differently. And interpretations are personal, comprises of level of maturity, experiences, emotional intelligence and interests. Interpretations stems from inside the person’s ideals, ideas, beliefs and views of the world.

Where am I driving at this? What made me write about this? In my line of work, talking to individual is the core essence of my function. From discussions on problems, giving options, coming up with solutions and compromise. The conversations we make everyday also defines relationships. When we talk to people who are not ready yet to listen to the things we have learned, what we believe and our realizations -we become misaligned. Why I think this is important? Because often I feel disheartened when I am not understood. Everyone wants to be understood but not really concern on understanding first. I remembered my Director saying, “Seek to understand”. Easier said than done as emotions always gets in the way.

My understanding have expounded, and that on how we send a message across is important. It is a must to ensure that the message will be understood. Because our level of understanding will never be the same. My function in the organization involves communicating and making others understand, may it be new processes, programs and changes and a whole lot  more. More than that, my job is also to understand the connection of the people to the organization and how I would be able to help in adding value by communicating clearly.




Everyday is a lesson learned, Work-Life

Fish named bronze

Taking the time digesting what I am just reading, I noticed our office fish-bronze being too active or seems excited. He swims faster than normal days and have roamed around his bowl more than his usual rounds. Could he be reacting to the songs of Francisco Tarrega on my Spotify? Can fishes hear music and do they react?

I also noticed him reacting to the sound of chips so I gave him some teeny bits and pieces and he ate them. Could he be looking for new tastes and more exciting food other than his so called “fish food”? Do they have taste buds and thus make preferences?

Something fishy is going on here. ūüôā


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There is nothing wrong with me, or you, or them

My assertive character is sometimes misunderstood. When I start asking questions on how things are done and why they are done in such manners, some find that intimidating. And I find myself explaining that when I ask questions, it only means I wanted to understand. I wanted to understand why mistakes at work happen so I can help correct it. I wanted to understand why one behaves like one has a PMS, because I wanted to know how I can be of help. I wanted to know why things can’t be done because I wanted to help how it can be done.

The problem with misunderstandings are not its reasons. It is often one’s reaction to it, and there is nothing wrong with you or me or any of us when we do. The different characters that comprises each and every individual in this planet is what makes this world colorful. If we are all alike, the world would bore us to death. But why is it that we find ourselves in conflict with others no matter how rightful we think we are? (Apart from me who is often delusional-that I am an angel! :D) Pride and too much of it. We think that we are in a better position to decide on how things should be done because we’ve done it over and over again in time. This creates a self-destruct bomb that leads to self-righteousness. When one is fed of fantasies that he/she is doing a great job, one would feel really bad when a mistake is pointed out because pride tells him/her you are right all the time.

I struggled with pride, too in some of my personal encounters. I always begged God to take it away because humility is a more easy companion than pride. I am hoping that one day I can master humility like when I smile to every person I see, and that one day it becomes a reflex.

The world with all of us, is happier. We feel and see otherwise because we choose to. Life has lots of options. Press the one that says “Happy”.


Humility is a peace of mind
Humility gives peace to the heart that powers each pieces of the mind.

Great Minds and World History

Over breakfast table I was in the middle of a discussion between powerful minds I have so far met, I can’t help but compare the difference between people who talks and the people who walks those talks. I have often wonder in my early years of adolescence what powerful men talk about over food. Let me also get it straight that my definition of powerful individual is not their richness nor their place in the society. Powerful men and or women for me are influential people who have emerged in their respective profession, businesses and organizations and whose presence sparks inspiration. These people need not even praise in front of millions nor brag about themselves. For those who seek less of appreciation are the ones mostly worthy of praise.

Last night, the discussion over sales and targets culminated at 10 in the evening. The Strategic Management Planning activities held in El Salvador Resort in Danao of Duros Land Properties, Inc. were so intense, and they should be because we are plotting and forming what we want to become and where we are heading in the next 5 years. I slept around 1 in the morning, I was tired, the day was productive, I missed my husband and daughter. The 1st Friday Mass is one event in the Company that draws me to it, the strong faith and spiritual values is one core characteristic that only a few organizations have. After the Mass, Awarding of our Employee of the Year and Safety Man of the Year we went straight to the resort for our SMP.

I woke up at 7 in the morning, showered and headed to the poolside for the delicious breakfast. I saw the big bosses already eating. I sat beside our AVP for Finance with whom I so admire for his eloquence and intelligence, and he was already talking to our AVP for Admin and the mind and heart of the Company-the owner. Curiosity got the best of me, now I won’t wonder what these people talk about. For that short duration I heard them talk about history, the Japanese, the Koreans and our dear country. They discussed about it casually, and I wonder if these how teachers should deliver their lessons. History becomes so much interesting this way. They talk about the history and what they believe we can learn from it. Our big boss, whose presence inspires everyone, talks of honor and his vision. Nothing too grand, no promises. They talk about the future like they are already happening.

So there, my body was enriched with food and mind was fed with good thoughts. I felt so lucky to learn from the masters. Indeed, God’s plans are greater than our plans for our lives.



My now guiding rules at work

To be in a corporate world, I need a few rules to survive. Below are my guiding laws to stay happy and engaged despite challenges and fears of the unknown. I hope to keep these in mind.

Here are what I need to control to stay on top of everything.


1. Enthusiasm- Speak Less. Listen More.

2. Doubts- Stay Positive.

3. Panic- Stay Calm. Tap your heart and repeatedly say “All iz well!”

4. Complexity- Keep Simple. Think Right, straightaway.

5.  Superiority- Stay Humble. Stay Low.

6. Expectations- Never Assume. Be ready for surprises.

7. Disappointments- Things go wrong. Be Happy, anyway.

8. Diversions- Stay focused. Remember your purpose.

9. Politics- Be in the fair-playing field. Be in the middle but always stand on what is right. Avoid compromising your integrity.

10. Emotion- Be objective. Decision-making needs more thinking than feeling. Balance is imperative.