Dreams change but they are never forgotten. When I was little, I wanted to be a lifeguard and I think it was because Pamela Anderson looked really cool wearing her swimsuit and running towards the beach. Remembering Baywatch, it was our most anticipated series. As life rolls in we change our dreams mostly because ofContinue reading “Lifeguard”

The Right Keypad

The fast-paced world brings new technology left and right. The tremendous change has affected the lives of so many people like myself. When the cellphone craze started creeping in, the word mobility became a household name Meeting someone someplace became so much easier and in turn shortened everybody else’ patience. At present time, new fadsContinue reading “The Right Keypad”

My Argument on Workaholism

Perhaps the most common statement I hear from my husband is that I am addicted to work. A day without the question “Are you busy?” seldom happens even when we are both at work. He can still manage to ask that same question even electronically. So why is it that my husband sees me asContinue reading “My Argument on Workaholism”

Do You Know What You Are Feeling? – Peter Bregman – Harvard Business Review

Do You Know What You Are Feeling? – Peter Bregman – Harvard Business Review. To speak of what we truly feel is not as simple as we think it is, most especially if it is for people whom we do not care/do not want to care about. The workplace can be a place of everyContinue reading “Do You Know What You Are Feeling? – Peter Bregman – Harvard Business Review”

When Coffee Becomes A Need

Aroma is what makes coffee distinctive from the rest of the beverages. The smell of bitter-sweet taste is very hard to resist. It has the power to calm a stressful mind, wake the sleepy eyes and keep the talks flowing. I never understood why many acquaintances meet in a coffee shop or hangs out hoursContinue reading “When Coffee Becomes A Need”

Follow-through Not Motivation that Get Things Going The reality that we need to face everyday is getting things done. We often battle on our priorities that we get overwhelmed. An overwhelming feeling is good, only if we keep our heads cool and not let the commotion eat the rest of us. Work never gets done all in one day, and theirContinue reading “Follow-through Not Motivation that Get Things Going”

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