Where things matter

Many of the things I wanted to write about vanishes just before I could grasp them. What is it today? Let me try to recount. I met a little fella when I changed into my running clothes this morning. The fella was comfortably lounging at the back of the car. Even when I moved aroundContinue reading “Where things matter”

Fish named bronze

Taking the time digesting what I am just reading, I noticed our office fish-bronze being too active or seems excited. He swims faster than normal days and have roamed around his bowl more than his usual rounds. Could he be reacting to the songs of Francisco Tarrega on my Spotify? Can fishes hear music andContinue reading “Fish named bronze”

Turning Point

A woman’s life is a mixture of all colors, not lined up like a rainbow. One color at a time, a mixture of two or three, sometimes all primary or secondary, at very few instances-All of it. A woman unlike all other human beings possess in itself alone the ability to facilitate harmony or chaos,Continue reading “Turning Point”

Dr. Eric Perry

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Pointless Overthinking

Understanding ourselves and the world we live in.

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Something About Mary