The spirit of giving

The morning after the Super Typhoon Haiyan, I heard kids caroling outside the gate. They were out of tune with too funny lyrics. Hearing children carol bring me good childhood memories when we used to convert cans of milk for drums, barbecue sticks for drumsticks and soda crowns for tambourines. I grew up seeing myContinue reading “The spirit of giving”

Battling Mouth Sores

it’s very difficult for a parent to nurse a sick child. It breaks our heart and makes us swear never to go drunk for a year, which in my case have been 3 years.  Mothers always appear to be in control on tough times but deep inside, it freaks the hell out of us when aContinue reading “Battling Mouth Sores”

It’s been ages since I had a full make-up on

Attending an event and hosting it are two different scenes and they caused me the same self-esteem issues. Of my weight gain and my inability to lose them.   Every woman must feel beautiful and most of the time it is a decision that we have to make. If I had a husband who doesn’tContinue reading “It’s been ages since I had a full make-up on”

I am virtually sick, because cyber overdose can kill

I think there is a wiring in my brain somewhere that changes things every now and then or maybe I have an un-diagnosed case of depression or anxiety because I lack the capacity to stay calm. I am living a pretentious life. So, what would I want to do now? I want to get outContinue reading “I am virtually sick, because cyber overdose can kill”

Those moments with friends

Friends are family, though not DNA related, is special that way. This is why choosing the right people to be friends with and forever love is essential. Unlike family, having the right friend is an option. Keeping them also takes a lot of effort. For the relationship to grow, all parties need to devote time,Continue reading “Those moments with friends”

When Mommy Get Sick

I have never felt this kind of flu all my life. I am light-headed, my bones feel like they are about to break (maybe I am bit exaggerating on this one), my back hurts, my nose is malfunctioning and my brain is blocked. I have had this cold and running nose for days now, butContinue reading “When Mommy Get Sick”

Shake It Up

My sister came home from Singapore today. I am more worried than happy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like “I don’t want to see her” reason. It’s just that my work life is in total chaos when we have visitors. It’s always a struggle to catch up with everything. Whenever my mind feels drownedContinue reading “Shake It Up”

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