Everyday is a lesson learned, Matters of the Heart

What do we get out of kindness?

It is not easy to be kind in this generation where selfishness is loud yet formed in a quick attempt of subtlety. Yet accordingly, we are more humane now than our ancestors decades back. Kindness is our nature as we see kids often are more forgiving and generous compared to us adults. We become unkind as we move along the harsh realities of life. We gain distrust with every pain and fear with every failure. But what do we get out of kindness?

When a stranger gives us a friendly look, a smile or perhaps offers a seat in a commuter vehicle, I don’t know with you but I feel as if an angel just descended upon that person. It is a lovely feeling, it gives me brighter hope for the world. Kindness is love in action.

When I decline someone asking for help, I feel as if I denied love to take over me. I was not even unkind, I just did not have the courage to lend a hand. I am not sure if I should be guilty but I feel a pang of it for a little while. Then I move on, what’s done is done.

Kindness, such a simple and profound word. I once read that kindness saves lives.

Helping Others
Helping others is helping myself. ❤
Everyday is a lesson learned, Matters of the Heart

Great Attitudes

This book changed me.

The first time I met my mentor, she was tall and intimidating. I was unsure of everything, the career that I chose and to where my life was heading. I knew from that moment she would assess me, to whether I am fit for the job I was given. One day she gave me a book, it was Charles Swindoll’s Great Attitudes. It was a book I never thought would start a change in me, and I didn’t even know it until few years after.

I am certain that my mentor affects the big chunk of the change in my attitude and I think God draw her closer to my life because I needed that change. Thinking of every single event in my life-losing a job, experiencing an earthquake, moving places, removing people and finding friendships; these form a great deal of what life calls it natural forces. I needed that book and I needed her because I kind of needed the assurance that life would always be moving constantly. That positive outlook did not take away the pangs of fear I still feel inside me when my kids are sick or my husband is not feeling good but it strengthened my hopes that these things shall also pass. That kindness did not make me a saint where I give alms to every single hand that asks for it but it made me gently offer the needed help when circumstances calls for one. The faith that would bring me closer to God is still a work in progress; and it is comforting to know that there is God I can call on to for every defeat and a God to celebrate with on my triumphs.

I strongly suggest this book to every person that needs an uplift in their spirits. What separates a boss from a mentor is Attitude. What makes us good in our jobs is attitude. What makes us a better wife and parent is also attitude. A great attitude changes an atmosphere of hostility, egotistical tendencies and selfishness. What characterizes a human being is its capacity to change its ways because it wants peace, harmony and love.


Everyday is a lesson learned, Simple Joys

And we all need inspiration

An afternoon of surfing through the web, I stumbled upon this video.

I usually pick videos to watch. I admit that I did not know there are also TEDx talks happening in the country; my apologies for being ignorant, so I got curious with the video title.

Just few months back I was kind of disappointed with how some of our public school teachers here view their students. They sounded like they’ve given up on them without even trying. It is not judging when you see and hear it for yourself. Students being told “morons” and “idiots”, and being teased and compared with their parents. I understand that it’s not easy being a public school teacher, but above all, it is not easy being the poor child. I was a product of a public school, a poor child. Proud to be one.

As I listened to this teacher, my heart melted. I cried on the course of her speech and I felt ashamed again of my lack of passion in life. She delivered such an inspiring speech that resonated in my heart and I bet most hearts that have listened to it.

I found an articled too from the Philstar, an English transcript of the video in the hopes that it will be read and heard by the whole universe. 🙂

I hope you’d find hope in her words, too! As it did to me.

I salute her!