What you give is what you receive

I gave up few of my old dresses, blouses, shoes and bags and I got back bagfuls from a friend. I did not expect any, they were delivered at my doorstep. I am very thankful for having another sister (though not by blood but by heart), who eats positivity for breakfast, lunch and dinner. SheContinue reading “What you give is what you receive”

An interesting afternoon with my sister

She has a new phone, and like any little girl she got excited with all its capabilities. Getting addicted to Skype is now her norm, she is only interested with its calls and chats and texts. I told her today that I am going to add a new service, a pocket wi-fi for her houseContinue reading “An interesting afternoon with my sister”

Shake It Up

My sister came home from Singapore today. I am more worried than happy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like “I don’t want to see her” reason. It’s just that my work life is in total chaos when we have visitors. It’s always a struggle to catch up with everything. Whenever my mind feels drownedContinue reading “Shake It Up”

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