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I just don’t understand sometimes how people (celebrities or the likes) gets angry over reactions from people with their opinions made public on social media. We all have opinions on almost everything in life; if we do not want them criticized, we shouldn’t bother posting it online. #weareabunchofinconsistenopinionatedbeings #itcanbeplainannoying

One-liners! My Thoughts 4 years ago!

1. Beer: don’t like it, vodka and margarita. 2. Anorexics: how can i be one? 3. Relationships:hassle 4. Your Last Ex: psycho mama’s boy. 5. PowerRangers: don’t understand them. 6. Life: is beautiful like me. 7. Movie: a lot, depends on the mood and the feedbacks from critiques. 8. Color: pink and brown and whiteContinue reading “One-liners! My Thoughts 4 years ago!”

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