The love of our life
Bangz Love Yabz Forever


October 11, 2010 at 12:15am

I got married for love, I told myself one day that this guy is the man I am going to marry and will be the father of my child. Our relationship was a bliss until my daughter blyf arrived. Me and my husband started to realize that all those preparations were just excitement and happiness for the thought of our very own offspring- I’ve had a share of children with my sister’s three little ones. Nothing will ever prepare anyone of parenthood, that”s what struck both of us. Even though we had all the help from family members, we still found ourselves overwhelmed with all the responsibilities. We realized we barely had time for each other any more. It’s really true what my friend said that marriage starts as soon as the baby arrives because that’s what happened to us. Blyf gave us immeasurable joy but at the same time sleepless night and cut-short meals. I found a way to finish taking shower in just 5 mins. I was always in a hurry for everything and I seldom had time to ask my husband how he was. We started to really argue and for once I felt absolutely mad. One day he asked me to sit down and talk just about anything, i asked why and he said he missed me. We see each other everyday and he missed me. I no longer hug him, kiss him and remind him how happy I am to be with him instead I tell him every time he attempts to sit me down that blyf needs me. Blyf will always need me but before I became a mother I was a wife. I shouldnt forget why God gave us blyf. Blyf is our love actualized. Blyf stands for our faith and love for each other, blyf is the source of our strength. With all the imperfections we discover of one another, we have one perfect reason to stop and be reminded again of why we have blyf. We are not together because of blyf. LOVE is the reason we have blyf. We strive to give her the good life she deserves, we know we cant know for sure what future will bring her, my husband and me wont know what will happen next and while we still can we’ll give her what God would want a parent to give their child. A healthy body to grow, a healthy mind for her to take part of change and a wisdom to share so she will grow independent, wise and responsible, a good heart so she will be compassionate and kind, a stable spirit so she’ll have strong faith in what she believes. We cannot give her all this but we can try. Anything that passes her way is up for nature to balance for her. She is a daughter of this world and life will take her wherever it needs to take her. I couldnt be happier seeing her grow sure of herself no matter what the whole world thinks. Everything starts and ends with me and my husband’s decision to be together. Children leave their parents soon when they get a life of their own.I shouldnt forget how lucky I am that blyf’s father loves her so much that he wants to secure her future. We know we cannot control everything, and again we can at least try. My husband deserves a hug, a kiss and a reminder of how thankful I am to have him everyday. Blyf deserves to see her parents that way and I deserve to enjoy each waking moment of it.

because we have each other…

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