My Sob Story…Kidding! It was mostly full of laughters and mischiefs.


My name is Monalisa, I often get compliments about this name- though sometimes it annoys me because the painting is Leonardo’s self-image as a woman (and this is still a topic in debates). I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls, Blyf and Gabe. My first born was diagnosed of Autism 3 years ago (First with GDD/Global Developmental Delay and with further tests diagnosed with Autism). I lost a job few years back when the Company I worked for shut down, I took that as a hint to take a big leap of faith. Then, I decided to quit my HR practice for a while and together with my husband we moved to the province so I can take care of our daughter full time while she undergoes therapy.

Love is present.

I have been writing for a very long time, though not consistently and never professionally. A long shot before I can make money out of this, I guess. I do not know how either. I wanted to write about my daughter’s journey through childhood but I often find myself unable to express them in a timely manner, most often I forget. It has been a topsy-turvy ride, and I try to convince myself that my challenges are minute and irrelevant until I bumped into Top Mommy Bloggers and read their encounters, their challenges, and joys of motherhood and marriage.

I started this blog as a way to calm myself down when things are crazy and my mind is about to explode. I rant inside my head all the time, and I found out that it is better to write them down. Much healthier, too! 🙂


141228 (9)
Gabe’s baptism 2014

Mine is a hazy mixture of fairy tale and reality. I question myself for the decision, too, but most of the time I feel blessed for having said “Yes”! I can’t say my life is all too lucky for having found an innocent, loving and sometimes insensitive husband. Looking back at everything we’ve been through together, we feel lucky to have journeyed this far. Most of it was because we decided to stay “inlove” despite the odds. I am better with him around.


I write to ease away my exhaustion at times. My mind sometimes relaxes when I write what’s in it. I had been domesticated and I survived. I had worked in several companies and different industries and I still have much to learn. I am on my way to pursuing my MBA and it’s never easy. Having the ambition to enroll in UP, one of the reputable and prominent schools in the country is by far the most academically challenging  part of my life. And one worthy of every anxiety and pain (both financially and mentally).

My life story is not very appealing. I am not proud of my childhood and where I came from, but I am not ashamed of it either (growing up in the slums of Bato Carbon, Ermita). I just know that who I am now is  a product of my past experiences. When my mom died and I was 8 years old then, I started forgetting about permanency. My life became a Constant Change. I moved a lot, changed addresses, always with new acquaintances. I did not have a home. It has good effects in me, and bad ones as well but I try to keep cool with it. Fate sometimes has a way of putting me into the right perspective, I can’t complain- I decided to stop being bitter with so many things. I realized life is better that way. I have a great love for my sister’s kids.  They make things more interesting or may be because they grew up with me. To while away the time I bake, I read, I clean, I cook, I garden, I fix faucets, I move the furniture-a lot, I feed children-once a year (my goal since 3 years ago) I dance, iPad, iPhone. 😀 I have a bad humor. My apologies. And oh, add Yoga to it! 🙂

My journey starts everyday. Tagging along my family with me. I am determined to hold them and carry them with me until it hurts. Till then, I hope to write everything that they might want to know. Someday my children might read this. And there’s to hoping they would read LOVE more than words.


One thought on “My Sob Story…Kidding! It was mostly full of laughters and mischiefs.

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