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Always giving life the benefit of the doubt…

(Thank you for dropping by… Hope to hear from you, soon! ❤)


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  2. i miss this theme. the blog whatsmyname is on the seriousness side of me. so i need to change the theme to something like a diary. but I have another one. it’s about the movies we (kids and i ) have watched and the books we have read. we have watched a lot of movies na and i find the kids’ comments funny and worth thinking. i would love it if you can contribute. hehehe.

      1. it’s called KiPet and Basyang’s Adventures. nyahahaha. It’s still empty. It’s exams week this week so by this weekend pa ko makastart. I hope to treat them to Bisaya songs and stories later, and Filipino movies as well. Good luck to me. 😀

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