Reason for Existence

It took me a while to come up with the reason why this blog exists. I was very focused on showing what I have accomplished and what CHANGE brought me. From being a poor child living in a poor community within a “poor (Developing) country” to landing a decent job, be able to dream, and being given the opportunities for a better life. It seems like something worth to brag about but there is this hole inside and an itch that I couldn’t seem to shake off.

Until recently, the dangers of Social Media and society’s judgment brought about a spark and a painful realization. Changes in my life draws little to no impact on the community that influenced a part of me. I have not been telling the stories of missed opportunities and distant dreams of the children in these communities who had no one telling them that “They too deserve to dream.” The lack of or no education is debilitating to the capacity of someone to stand up for his or her identity. To be able to assert and be considered equal. To get out of the hopelessness and passing of the baton of poverty into an endless cycle.

What can I do then? That is still something I am trying to figure out. It’s time to write it down. Plan. Execute. The greatest dream is lifting the community with us. Maybe this time, more will be heard and more can contribute to our developing world.

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