Always giving life the benefit of the doubt…

(Thank you for dropping by… Hope to hear from you, soon! ❤)

13 thoughts on “Probably

  1. i miss this theme. the blog whatsmyname is on the seriousness side of me. so i need to change the theme to something like a diary. but I have another one. it’s about the movies we (kids and i ) have watched and the books we have read. we have watched a lot of movies na and i find the kids’ comments funny and worth thinking. i would love it if you can contribute. hehehe.

      • it’s called KiPet and Basyang’s Adventures. nyahahaha. It’s still empty. It’s exams week this week so by this weekend pa ko makastart. I hope to treat them to Bisaya songs and stories later, and Filipino movies as well. Good luck to me. 😀

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