7.2 Magnitude Quake hit my hometown 3 days ago

Tuesday Earthquake rerun in my mind. Still can’t sleep.

I was cooking breakfast at 8 in the morning, Blyf and McAngel were still sleeping while my 2 nieces and neighbor’s kids were playing on the sofa. Bangz went outside the room to get breakfast to the kitchen when we heard a rupture 15 minutes later and the earth shook real fast and hard. I screamed for Blyf and my nephew so Bangz went back inside, took Blyf and grabbed McAngel. The other kids just looked at me in disbelief and horror when I shouted run outside now! We ran outside with Bangz carrying Blyf at my tail. My husband toppled over and Blyf almost fell to the ground. I saw my husband’s bruises but he did not mind. The children were shaking and all scared, and Shobe said “Nay, I don’t want to die”. Hushing her I just said, “I know baby, let’s just pray to Papa God.”

With the earth shaking, moments of my life flashes before me. Have I said “I love you’s enough?”. I felt ashamed, is that all I can think of near death? I thought of the kids, this is all too scary for them but if we get past this, Blyf will not remember, my nieces and nephew will go back to being carefree and being kids. After a little while, it stopped and back again and we were glued to the ground the whole morning. The kids pleaded for it to stop. We were all dizzy. Few minutes later, many people ran bringing with them food, clothes and bags filled with their stuff. The tsunami scare started. My nephew cried, afraid of the water that would flood us. All I said was that, it is not true. If ever, I want them to hold me, just hold me. Few neighbors gathered around the only place we considered safe, the grounds in front my sister’s place surrounded with trees. This is perfect, I’d die with Mother Earth around me. One neighbor was a social worker carrying a portable radio. He told us that no Tsunami alert was announced. They were composed and ready despite the fact that they just lost their home.

My phone battery was dead the other night, my husband has no load. Power was cut and so was the landline. My brother-in-law arrived just before lunch, he was from their house that is still under construction. We felt tremors all day and I can’t tell whether they were weak or strong, I just can’t. A neighbor let me borrow her phone so I can send an SMS to my husband’s family in Cebu and my friend in the next village. My father and his family’s whereabouts were still unknown. My husband’s dad called and they exchanged updates, minutes later the Telecoms went dead.

Our Baptist neighbors gathered around, prepared food for everyone, set up tents and comforted one another. They shared horrific stories, I said nothing. I can’t explain things, I cut my tongue, I just listened to them. I can’t imagine what my sister would have been going through the moment the news breaks. She’s in Singapore and her family is in Bohol. What would have happened if we didn’t move in to my sister’s place and the kids were all alone? It could have been worse for all of us if the kids were at school. Together with my brother in law, husband and kids, we surveyed my father’s place, my friends and cousins. They all went to high grounds so we came back to my sister’s place. At 10PM, Globe turned the landline on and I called my mother in law, asked her to contact my sister in Singapore for us. Our IDD was not activated, so unfortunate. There are always ways and means, and we found one. My sister was able to talk to her husband that night.

The first night after the 7.2 magnitude Earthquake was the longest of my life. We couldn’t sleep, we stayed outside. I just carried Blyf all through the night under the stars which disappeared when rain arrived. The tremors continued. We had no idea how are the people from other towns were doing. We only had bits and pieces of information circling around. No officers and no updates. I felt trapped. What do we do? In the afternoon I decided to go to my friend;s house, I brought the kids with me. We wanted to be closer to my father just in case. The 2nd night was not an inch easier than the first. We slept under the stars though this time with mattresses and blankets. The kids were more comfortable and they just played the whole afternoon. It rained at 10 in the evening, that we had to wake the kids up to move to the garage. My friend’s house was all concrete, which was not comforting at all.

The next thing that scared me and did not put me to sleep was flash floods. With the heavy rain and the cracked dam, that means a disaster. I summoned for my cousin’s partner to survey the rivers so we can move upland if and when necessary. The rain stopped after a little while. and it rained again. The kids were all tired, wet and scared. With the heavy rain, the tremors continued. I looked at my husband whom I know is in pain. We had no access to medicines as part of our town’s main market collapsed and all stores are closed as of this writing. I know the wounds are infected, he couldn’t move. We have to get help.

My sister arrived in the morning from Singapore on 3rd day. That’s how we knew the boats were functional and the captain and its crew were doing their best to let people through, in and out of Bohol. My sister said that we should go to the City as my husband’s condition is about to get worse. We packed up and we left Bohol leaving the rest of my friends and family.

My heart sank in sadness, my dear Bohol is all wounded. My heart broke as my hometown was devastated. The port was almost destroyed. The earth really did open up and claimed what was theirs in the first place. Nothing that humans can build that God cannot take away. My tears fell tonight because the world is not a safe place. Many of my neighbors and people from other towns have no access to food and medicines and water.

The cracks looks like they are about to open fall.
The cracks looks like they are about to open or fall.
Our homeless neighbors are staying here.
Our homeless neighbors are staying here.
Church is destroyed
Church is destroyed
Rubble. What's left of the edifice.
Rubble. What’s left of the edifice.



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Every one agrees that life is fleeting. And that life is change. It never stays the same. I am a believer of choice, of opportunities embraced and lost, I dictate what happens to me. This makes me hopeful, makes me dream, gives me courage and clears my realm. And I hope to share how change affects my life.

4 thoughts on “7.2 Magnitude Quake hit my hometown 3 days ago

  1. Sis, I pray for your safety including everyone in Bohol. We’ve sent help through various civic help organizations. Not much help I suppose but something that would make our fellow Bisaya get by. This is really a sad time. 😦

    1. Thanks Sis. Just came back from Bohol distributing goods for our neighbors. We got donations from friends and co-workers including our bosses. We hope to give more. Most of my co-workers wanted to give directly to me because there has been alleged hoarding by some officials. I’ll be back to bring more goods on Tuesday. This too shall pass.

      1. sis, wa ko kagets. naa diay ka diri cebu? naa pa koy mga bottled water. maybe you can distribute these to your neighborhood. medyo bug-at sis so let me know if ok ra. kita lang ta somewhere convenient nimo.

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