My now guiding rules at work

This reminds me…


To be in a corporate world, I need a few rules to survive. Below are my guiding laws to stay happy and engaged despite challenges and fears of the unknown. I hope to keep these in mind.

Here are what I need to control to stay on top of everything.


1. Enthusiasm- Speak Less. Listen More.

2. Doubts- Stay Positive.

3. Panic- Stay Calm. Tap your heart and repeatedly say “All iz well!”

4. Complexity- Keep Simple. Think Right, straightaway.

5.  Superiority- Stay Humble. Stay Low.

6. Expectations- Never Assume. Be ready for surprises.

7. Disappointments- Things go wrong. Be Happy, anyway.

8. Diversions- Stay focused. Remember your purpose.

9. Politics- Be in the fair-playing field. Be in the middle but always stand on what is right. Avoid compromising your integrity.

10. Emotion- Be objective. Decision-making needs more thinking than feeling. Balance is imperative.

Control Control

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